What impact will Brexit have on ‘UK Innovation’?

Room 104, Loughborough University London


Join Nick Bunker, previous CEO of KP Snacks and current Managing Director of Pladis Global, for a stimulating discussion on the impact of Brexit on UK innovation.

On Wednesday 14th March, Nick Bunker (Loughbrough University alumnus and former CEO of KP Snacks) will be on campus sharing his perspective on the impact of Brexit on UK innovation.

This event is designed to help Loughborough University London students gain a critical awareness of contemporary issues related to:

  • Global policy, international business and trade
  • Innovation and enterprise development

During this guest lecture, Nick will share perspectives from industry on:

  • What ‘good innovation’ in the fast-moving consumer goods sector looks like
  • How to be entrepreneurial in the corporate world
  • How the Brexit issue has stimulated or stifled entrepreneurial thinking
  • Global trade: challenges and opportunities

The talk is open to students across all disciplines. Please book your place using the link below. 

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