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Come along to our campus on the 5 and 6 June 2019 for the 'Brazil Seminar: Civil society development and participatory communication in the new political context. Dialogues around the legacy of Paulo Freire'.

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Brazil has a strong legacy in the field of participatory communication and articulation of bottom-up development processes. Many innovative experiences and key conceptual foundations that have enriched and informed the field of participatory communication in Latin America and internationally have strong Brazilian roots. A reference of seminal importance to the field has been the adult educator Paulo Freire whose liberating pedagogy and principles of dialogic communication have influenced generations of educators, activists, movements and governments across the world. Today, the new government in Brazil has explicitly declared their intention to erase any trace of Freire’s pedagogy from any policy and practice in the country. It sparks the question: what is so dangerous about Freire’s ideas?
The objective of this seminar is to explore the Brazilian legacy and current practice of participatory communication in the contexts of the new political situation. Today, the space for civil society to speak and act is rapidly shrinking. Not only nostalgic discourses of law and order, but political nominations, national policies and many behaviours are reconnecting with the times of Brazil’s military dictatorship. Brazil is in many ways at a crossroads, and this seminar wishes to explore how the legacy and current practice of participatory and dialogic communication is managing, or not, to handle these challenges.


Day 1 

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9am-9.30am Arrival and Registration   
9.30am-9.45am Welcome   Professor Thomas Tufte 
9.45am-11am Introducing key topics
  • Bolsonaro and the pretence of neutrality: what’s the threat posed by a Freirian education? Victoria Kina Jupp, University of Dundee
  • Right-wing development, authoritarianism and the challenges to civil society. Silvio Waisbord, George Washington University. 
11am-11.30am Coffee break   

Dialogue 1

The place and the influence of Paulo Freire in the Communication for Development and for Social Change different approaches around the world. 

  • Cicilia Peruzzo, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi/ Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro
  • Thomas Tufte, Loughborough University London
Moderator: Ana Cristina Suzina, University of Louvain
12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch


1.30pm-2.30pm Dialogue 2

Emancipation and coexistence: what Brazil has not achieved?

  • Jorge González, Universidad Autónoma de México
  • Ana Cristina Suzina, University of Louvain

Moderator: Jo Tacchi, Loughborough University London

2.30pm-3.30pm Dialogue 3

Linking groups together: building polarization or dialogue through communication practices

  • Polorization and its effects on the construction of dialogue. Cesar Jimenez, Loughborough University.
  • The emergence of right-wing voices. Fanny Vrydagh Université libre de Bruxelles. 

Moderator: Rohit Dasgupta, Loughborough University London

3.30pm-4pm Coffee break   
4.30pm-8pm  Brazil on the screen

Screening and discussion of a contemporary Brazilian film at The Old Baths, Hackney Wick. We will also be having dinner. 

Moderator: Paola Sartoretto, Stockholm University

Day 2 

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9.30am-10.30am Dialogue 4

Building common grounds

  • Urban peripheries and black communities appropriating media: the experience of ARMA Alliance. Leonardo Custódio, University of Tampere.
  • Talking about the use of digital platforms by youth and the development of critical media literacies. Cássia Ayres, Universidade Lusófona do Porto.
  • The paradox of Brazilian new museology: progressive lexicons, conservative devices. Glauber de Lima, Loughborough University London.
Moderator: Maria Rovisco, University of Leeds
10.30am-11am Coffee break  
11am-12pm Dialogue 5

Community development 

  • Building comunidades de afeto. Raquel Paiva, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Rural social movements appropriating media. Paola Sartoretto, Stockholm University.
  • Accepting pluralism at Brazil’s peripheries: The new grammar of contestation. Helton Levy, University College London. 
Moderator: Jessica Noske-Turner, Loughborough University London
12pm-1pm Final Debate: Can we hear Paulo Freire today? How does it sound?

Impressions, feelings and findings of what Thomas Tufte, Ana Suzina and Cesar Jimenez have listened in the different dialogues during the seminar.

Moderator: Silvio Waisbord, George Washington University

1pm-2pm Lunch   


Cheaper rate tickets are available for students by entering Pe1e in the password section. If any Loughborough University staff would like to attend, please email Mabel Machado-Lopez.

You have until Sunday 3 June 2019 to book your place. 

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