Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Seminar Series

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosts a Seminar Series to bring together academics and other professionals to present their latest work and experience on a wide range of topics.

Upcoming events

Surprisingly Small: The Effect of Trade Secret Breaches on Firm Performance

16 November 2022

Professor Andrew Vivian (SBE, Loughborough University) and Dr Nicola Searle (Goldsmith University).

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Event recordings

All the previous event recordings as part of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Seminar Series will be available on demand via Panopto here.

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Previous events

User Innovation during the Covid-19 Pandemic

21 April 2022

Professor Ian McCarthy, Simon Fraser University (Canada) and LUISS University (Italy)

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Sustainability in Emerging Markets

24 March 2022

Professor Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Northeastern University

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CSR as catalyst or deterrent of organizational change

17 March 2022

Professor Jordi Surroca, University of Liverpool

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Indentured Servant to Market Actor: The Institutional Transformation of Darfur’s Untouchables

3 February 2022

Dr Samer Abdelnour, University of Edinburgh Business School

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From People to Objects: The digital transformation of fields

25 November 2021

Dr Cristina Alaimo, LUISS University, Rome 

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Entrepreneurship as an Experiment in Living

23 September 2021

Dr Carlo Ludovico Cordasco, Oxford Brookes University

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Stakeholder-centric Business model Innovations: Insights from Chemical Firms

24 June 2021

Dr Stephan von Delft, University of Glasgow

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Making the world a better place with fintech research

10 June 2021

Dr Andrea Lagna, (School of Business and Economics) Loughborough University

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Ecosystem Benefits: An Integrative Framework

20 May 2021

Selina Cao, Imperial College Business School

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Decentralized Platforms and the dApp Economy

6 May 2021

Professor Aija Leiponen, Cornell University (US)

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