Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance Speaker Series 2020 - 2021

This Speaker Series to brought together academics and other professionals to present their latest work and experience on a wide range of topics within Diplomacy and International Governance.

In the academic year 2020-21, our speakers covered a range of compelling topics including sports diplomacy, space policy, digital diplomacy, conflict resolution, Turkish diaspora, and military intervention in Africa. You can view the full schedule of previous events in the IDIG Speaker Series below.


Semester 1 events

14 October 2020 1pm-2.30pm

Trump: Extraordinary or Routine? Assessing Foreign Policy Change 

Dr. Nicholas Kitchen

Surrey University

Online via Microsoft Teams
4 November 2020 3pm-4.30pm

Roundtable: Beyond Brexit 

Speakers from Surrey University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Loughborough University London

Online via Microsoft Teams
26 November 2020 2pm-3.30pm

Assemblage Theory and the Digital Hybridisation of Ministries of Foreign Affairs: The Case of the Nordic and Baltic states 

Dr. Corneliu Bioja

Oxford University

Online via Microsoft Teams
14 December 2020 2pm-3.30pm

Challenging Civil Society Perceptions of NATO: Engaging the Women, Peace and Security Agenda 

Dr. Katherine Wright

Newcastle University

Online via Microsoft Teams
13 January 2021 10am-11.30am

Brexit and the Northern Ireland Border 

Prof. Katy Hayward

Queen's University Belfast

Online via Microsoft Teams


Semester 2 events

11 February 2021 3.30pm-5pm

Imagined Conflicts: An Educational Tool in Conflict Resolution

Dr. An Jacobs & Dr Norma Rossi

Nottingham Trent & Sandhurst     

Online via Microsoft Teams
26 February 2021 10am-11.30am

Challenging civil society perceptions of NATO: Engaging the Women, Peace and Security agenda

Dr Katherine Wright                                                                                Newcastle University                            

Online via Microsoft Teams
19 March 2021 9am-10.30am

Unravelling Entrenched Structural Discrimination: Minority Rights as a Litmus Test for the Efficacy of Human Rights 

Prof. Joshua Castellino

Minority Rights Group International

Online via Microsoft Teams
27 April 2021 10.30am-12pm

China in the Mediterranean

Dr. Emilie Tran

Hong Kong Baptist University

Prof. Yahia Zoubir

Kedge Business School, Paris

Online via Microsoft Teams
13 May 2021 1pm-2.30pm

Border Securitisation in the Channel and post-Brexit British foreign policy

Dr. Thom Tyerman

Sheffield Hallam University

Dr. Travis Van Isacker

Brighton University

Online via Microsoft Teams
20 May 2021 2pm-3.30pm

Sports Diplomacy and Sport for Development: A necessary discourse for the cold hearted raison d’être of diplomacy and the emotions of sport

Dr Simon Rofe


Online via Microsoft Teams