Design Innovation Project

Each year, our Design Innovation students have the opportunity to take part in a practical research module; the Design Innovation Project.

This module is designed for students to develop and gain experience in using key skills that will enable them to work successfully with various organisational project team members in the face to face and distributed product development process.

Students work across collaborative teams to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. They are required to develop a product brief which is then communicated to ‘clients’. During the duration of the project, team members communicate each stage in a dedicated Design Innovation blog to track the progress of their ideas. The outcome of their project is then formally delivered through a final presentation.

Previous Projects - 2017

Sleeping beautifully – helping people to reboot their sleep

A design innovation poster

One of the teams designed an interactive app, ‘Sleep mate’. The app reminds the user to prioritise sleep and includes useful meditation exercises to reduce worrying. The overall aim of the project was to promote healthy sleeping habits.

Clock Out - a multi-platform application

Apple technology devices

Another team developed ‘Clock Out’; a multi-platform application that remindsusers to ‘Clock out’ and shut down their technology. This helps the user structure their pre-sleep routine. There is a high level of personalisation; users can use the app to keep a sleep diary to help tailor their sleeping pattern to fit their lifestyle.

Energy and fuel poverty – in collaboration with Citizen’s UK

An energy poster

One of the teams developed a bike share scheme, ‘Power donation bank’ where users generate electricity for the bike’s rotational energy. This research project focused on providing a highly feasible, innovative and sustainable method to solve the fuel poverty issue.

Another of our teams developed a concept called ‘Energym’ where gym users generate electricity through exercising on gym equipment.

Rogue landlords – in collaboration with Citizen’s UK

One team developed ‘Rent Right’, which is a service that helps international students apply for their student accommodation letter. The service also raises awareness of tenancy rights so that good relations are built between the tenants and the landlord.

‘Rent Pal’ was an app designed by another team to assist with reporting any issues with a rented property and to find out further information about their legal rights as tenants.

CSR - in collaboration with Cause2Create

A poster

One of our teams developed ‘Ready, Set, Auction’; a design charity auction for Cause2Create. The highest bidders win the artwork and a percentage of the sale’s revenue is given to Cause2Create.

Project photographs 2017