Jamie Sandhu

Codesigning Community Energy Services

Jamie Sandhu

Jamie's research explores the utility of service design and co-design for enhancing engagement with systemic social change, in the context of community energy.

Jamie completed his M.Eng in Product Design Engineering at Loughborough University's Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering in 2014. 
Having spent some time in the social enterprise and startup world, he is now enrolled in a joint PhD studentship between the Design School at Loughborough and the Institute for Design Innovation at Loughborough University London. 

PhD research description

Jamie's PhD is a joint studentship between the Design School at Loughborough and the Institute for Design Innovation at Loughborough London. His supervisors are Dr Ksenija Kuzmina (Loughborough London) and Dr Val Mitchell (Loughborough).
This PhD research is based loosely in the realm of social design. It aims to explore the synergy between systemic innovation (massive 'transitions' to alternative socio-technichal configurations) and service design approaches. Specifically, it looks at the potential utility of service design and co-design methods to activist social innovators that want to influence systemic social change through citizen-led organisations. 
The scope of this exploratory research will be limited to initiatives in the community energy context. Community energy refers to citizen-led energy-based initiatives that develop more distributed, sustainable, or community-centred alternatives to the dominant paradigm of energy production and consumption. It is a contemporary example of radical innovation activity has a potentially transformative effect on the wider sector, institutions, and societal norms.
The current research question is: How can service design empower social innovators to realise systemic innovation through community energy initiatives?

PhD supervisors

Jamie's PhD is supervised by Dr Ksenija Kuzmina (Loughborough University London) and Dr Val Mitchell (Loughborough University).

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