Dr Xiang Li

Teaching Fellow

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Xiang is a Teaching Fellow within the Institute for Digital Technologies.

Xiang's primary research fields are in corporate finance, banking, financial technologies (FinTech), and systemic risk, especially related to bank lending, loan contracting, insider trading, financial derivatives, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Xiang is passionate about research and welcoming research collaborations in the relevant fields.

Xiang joined the Institute for Digital Technologies as a teaching fellow in February 2021, directly after her PhD in Finance at the Loughborough University. Xiang is teaching at the postgraduate level and supervises both MSc dissertations and collaborative projects. Xiang's current teaching modules include:

LLP122: Advanced Big Data Analytics
LLP104: Statistical Methods in Finance
LLP132: Foundational Principles of AI and Data analytics
LLP133: Advanced Programming and Visualization
LLP128: Strategy and Planning

Academic background

Xiang holds a PhD in Finance from the Loughborough University where she also worked as a teaching assistant. Xinag also studied an MSc in Finance and Management at Cranfield University.

Prior to her appointment at Loughborough University London, Xiang worked at the University of Bristol as a research assistant on a M&A research project.

Current research and collaborations

Xiang's current research focuses on bank lending and its intersections across five research areas: insider trading, debt covenant violations, loan renegotiation, financial derivatives (e.g., CDS, CLO), and M&A.

Xiang is also working on systemic risks by investigating the banking network, in a collaboration with professionals in machine learning.

Research expertise

• Banking

• Financial Technologies (FinTech)

• Systemic Risk

• Financial Derivatives

• Corporate Finance

• Loan Contracting

• Insider Trading

• Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

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