Dr Salman Malik

Resident Entrepreneur / Business Adviser

Dr Salman Malik is a business mentor, associate business lecturer and now joins Loughborough University London as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence supporting students at the London campus to take their ideas forward and develop their enterprise skills.

Dr Salman Malik (aka Sal) is an ex-scientist, an advisory board member and multi-award winning entrepreneur. Following his PhD at University College London (UCL), he solely founded a biotech startup and successfully raised funding to work on the research and development of a process used to cost-effectively develop microparticles (i.e. drug delivery carriers). He was also awarded a prestigious Enterprise Fellowship from The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) which allowed him to transition as an academic into an entrepreneur and CEO.

Academic background

Salman completed a first degree in Biomedical Engineering (BEng) where he was awarded the course medal prize, followed by master's in Biomaterials (MSc), Synthetic Biology (MRes) and a PhD in Biomaterials Engineering at UCL. He completed a research exchange at Yale University and was the first student to be awarded funding to establish an innovation pipeline between UCL and Yale to encourage knowledge exchange and to promote spin-out activity.

More recently in 2016/17, he completed a specialised Master in Enterprise (MEnt) programme at The University of Manchester (Alliance Manchester Business School).

Interests and activities

Salman has a huge passion for the barbering industry; he is a trained professional barber and has launched his own barber cosmetics brand sold across all major barber supply distributors in the UK. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, was appointed as the youngest advisory board member for UCL (Faculty of Engineering) and actively raises awareness for homelessness in the UK.

His main work interests are startups, enterprise education and technology commercialisation.

In his spare time, Salman enjoys playing cricket, watching tennis, spending time with family and friends and loves travel. You will usually find him watching barber tutorials on Instagram and Youtube on his evenings off.

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