Dr Peggy Alexopoulou

Teaching Fellow

Dr Peggy Alexopoulou

Dr. Peggy Alexopoulou works within the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Loughborough University London.

She is involved in the teaching of Innovation Management, Family Business, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Collaborative Project, Strategy & Planning, Entrepreneurial Funding, Corporate Governance, Understanding Business Failure as well as Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method Techniques in Business & Management Research. She is also supervising master's dissertations.

With an academic background in Psychology, Information Management, and Entrepreneurship, combined with industry experience, Peggy’s research interests focus on linking these disciplines in innovative ways: innovation and entrepreneurship in conjunction with psychology, human-computer interaction, knowledge and information management.

Academic background

Peggy holds a PhD in Information Management from the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University, a master's degree in Counselling Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology.

Peggy has been involved successfully as a research assistant/associate on five major projects since 2016 for Loughborough University London and Loughborough University. She has experience of writing research proposals to secure funding as well as working and collaborating with research team members from different institutions.

She has delivered the modules of Information Architecture and People-Centred Information Services at Loughborough University's School of Business and Economics, developing the latest further by incorporating a session entitled ‘Accessibility in User-Centred Design” which was based on her background and experience as a psychologist.

Current research and collaborations

Peggy is currently working on a research project with partners from Loughborough University London, Cyprus University of Technology and the University of Central Lancashire in Cyprus. The aim of this research is to explore the impact of financial crisis in family firms in Greece and Cyprus.

She is also involved in several research projects including human-computer interaction, innovative softwares and psychological variables in the process of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Interests and activities

Peggy serves as a reviewer for the following academic journals: Computers in Human Behaviour, Aslib Journal of Information Management-Emerald and Journal of Systems and Information Technology.

She has presented at different conferences and published her work in various proceedings and international reviewed journal.

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