Eliana del Rosario Herrera Huérfano

Visiting scholar - Institute for Media and Creative Industries

Image of Visiting Scholar Eliana Herrera.

Eliana researches and teaches in areas of communication, development, and social change that focus on ethnicities, environment, local knowledge and decoloniality.

Her projects research based on participatory methodologies that involve interaction with indigenous communities, environmental advocates and other social and community leaders in Colombia. She is associate researcher in the National System of Science, Technology, and Innovation (SNCTI) led by COLCIENCIAS (Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia) as a Member of the research group for Communication, Language and Participation. Currently, she is Dean of the School of Communication at UNIMINUTO (Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, Bogotá, Colombia).

Academic background

Eliana is a Ph.D. Student of Communication at the University of Seville and received her Master's degree in Communication from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She worked as a professor and researcher at Universidad Santo Tomás, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad Externado de Colombia, and Universidad de Manizales. She was a principal researcher of the inter-institutional project Communication experiences of environmental and development in Colombia (2009-2014), which results are documented in the book Emergency of the Territory and Local Communication.

Current research and collaborations

Currently, Eliana is working her Ph.D. project "Communication Practices and Indigenous Peoples, mediatization of the Culture and Development at the Colombian Amazon." She is currently co-editing a book with other colleagues tentatively entitled "Indigenous Re-existences, Communication Practices and Intercultural Dialogue."

Interests and activities

Eliana is a member of the working group community communication and alternative media at the International Association of Media Communication Research (IAMCR), and GT Communication, Development and Social Change of Association of Latin American Communication Researchers (ALAIC). She is a foundation member of the Association of Colombian Communication Researchers. She serves on the Scientific Board of Revista Latina de Comunicación Social.

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