Dr Lewis Herrington

University Teacher

Dr Lewis Herrington

Dr Lewis Herrington is committed to world-class teaching and research within the field of international security.

His work is increasingly situated at the interface of politics, sociology, psychology and history with a focus on suicide terrorism, Islamist extremism, radicalisation, cyber-security and intelligence studies. Drawing on theories from several academic disciplines, Lewis spends much of his time developing explanations for why individuals carry out acts of suicide terrorism. In short, Lewis studies the lives of others asking what is unique about this person? What occurred in their life that led them down a path towards violent extremism? The impact of Lewis' research is measured by a change in government policy towards preventing radicalisation. As a teacher, Lewis tries to encourage students to make a connection between theory and the real world by drawing current affairs into his lectures. For example, the poisoning of a former soviet spy in London in 2018 served as a useful case study in counter-espionage.

Academic background

Lewis holds masters degrees in Computer Science, Politics and International Security from the University of Warwick. For his MA thesis, Lewis spent a summer in Palestine studying the environment from which suicide bombers had emerged. Field work for his ESRC funded doctoral study consisted of elite interviews with government ministers, counter terrorism officers and individuals concerned with counter radicalisation between 1995 and 2010. In addition, Lewis travelled to Germany in 2014 to interview a former spy who infiltrated Al-Qaeda during the 1990s.

After completing his DPhil at Warwick, Lewis was then awarded an Early Career Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study. Between 2015 and 2018 Lewis has held duel teaching positions and research assistant positions with both Loughborough University and the University of Warwick. His experience includes modules covering Foreign Policy Analysis, International Relations Theory, International Security, Terrorism & Insurgency, Cyber Security, Intelligence and Espionage.

Current research and collaborations

Dr Lewis Herrington is currently developing the following research in 2018:

  • From 7/7 to Westminster: Suicide Terrorism & The Islamic Fundamentalist Movement (Target: Routledge)
  • ‘Suicide Terrorism in Europe 2013-2018: Towards a Psycho-Sociological Model of Radicalisation?’ (Target: International Affairs).
  • ‘Studies in Radicalisation & Suicide Terrorism: Methodologies and Methods’ (Target: Terrorism and Political Violence)
  • ‘Cyber Jihad: The Shift from Analogue to Digital within the Islamic Fundamentalist Movement 1989 to 2017 (Target: Europe Journal for International Security)

Interests and activities

Dr Lewis Herrington's interests include surfing, rock climbing, boxing, meditation and spirituality. He is very other people centric and spends a fair portion of his spare time helping various charitable cause through his church and other outreach programs.

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