Professor David Deacon

Acting Dean for Loughborough University London


Professor David Deacon is the Acting Dean of Loughborough University London and is responsible for leading the team to deliver an outstanding learning environment and student experience.

David Deacon’s areas of research and teaching expertise include political communication, journalism, media theory and methods, and media history. 

Academic background

He co-directs Loughborough University’s election news analysis team, which has analysed the media reporting of every General Election and national referendum campaign since 1992 - see here

With James Stanyer, David has developed an innovative method and web-resource for measuring diversity with categorical data - see here

Current research and collaborations

Other recent publications include a critical engagement with theoretical debates about ‘mediatization’ (also with James Stanyer), analyses of mainstream news reporting of immigration in the UK (with David Smith), and the mapping of long term historical change in UK General Election coverage since 1918 (with Emily Harmer). With Dominic Wring, he has contributed press analyses to the prestigious Nuffield studies of the 2015 and 2017 UK General Elections

David’s books include The British News Media and the Spanish Civil War: Tomorrow Maybe Too LateMediating Social Science (with Natalie Fenton and Alan Bryman) and Taxation and Representation (with Peter Golding). He is currently revising a third edition of Researching Communications: A Practical Guide to Methods in Media and Cultural Analysis (with Michael Pickering, Peter Golding and Graham Murdock).

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