Yasemin Canik

Investigating the role of design in open innovation for the value creation

Yasemin Canik

Yasemin Canik is a PhD researcher focusing on the role of design in open innovation in the Institute for Design Innovation. Her PhD is fully funded by Loughborough University. To contribute to her PhD research, she is also working as a Design & Communication Strategist in a research institute that provides a partial sponsorship to her current research.

Yasemin Canik holds the MSc degree in Design Innovation Management from Loughborough University London and her first degree is Industrial Design from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She also attended a 6-month Erasmus programme in Politecnico di Torino that she studied Communication Design.
She started her PhD programme in January 2016. Since the beginning of her PhD, she has published one conference paper on Design Management Academy 2017 (DMA2017) in Hong Kong. Her paper focuses on how open innovation is undertaken in R&D projects from Activity Theory framework.

PhD research description

Yasemin has identified that organisations have difficulties benefitting from joint R&D projects despite significant investment. There are various reasons behind this problem. The collaboration between organisations is a complex system and organisations sometimes fail to share the common goals with their partners. Yasemin's PhD will establish whether design can fill the communication gap between organisations and better commercialise R&D projects.

Moreover, there are only a few studies which investigate the role of design in open innovation. As a case, this research will focus on the value creation factors behind technology transfer joint ventures. 

After completing a significant amount of field research, Yasemin's findings will be experimented through high-tech R&D projects in the UK. The findings will be mapped to create a thorough ecosystem, which is titled as value creation ecosystem. Yasemin's PhD intends to contribute to current literature in the field by mapping the role of design in the joint venture value creation process. Also, the practice can benefit from the findings to spot the impact factors for successful joint venture creations.

PhD supervisors

Yasemin is studying for her PhD in the Institute for Design Innovation, under the supervision of Dr Ida Telalbasic.

Awards, grants or scholarships received


- Jan 2017 - Dec 2020 | Fully-funded PhD studentship (university fee+monthly stipend), Loughborough University
- Jan 2017 - Dec 2021 | Partial sponsorship for PhD research, HSSMI (www.hssmi.org)
- Sep 2015 - Sep 2016 | Fully-funded MSc sponsorship, Ministry of Economy, Republic of Turkey

Design and Marketing awards

- Oct 2015 | 3rd prize, in professional category, 2. Industrial Food Design Competition
- Jun 2015 | Finalist, Industrial Designers Excellence Awards
- Mar 2015 | 1st prize, Henkel Innovation Challenge, Turkey
- Sep 2014 | 1st prize, in student category, 1. Industrial Food Design Competition
- Jan 2014 | Finalist, Unilever Ideathropy, Turkey
- Jun 2013 |3rd prize, Bizz@kampüs marketing competition, Ülker, Yildiz Holding

University awards

- Sep 2016 | Gold award on Employability, Gradcore Employability Assessment Centre
- Sep 2016 | Society of the year as Design Society, Student Union Loughborough University
- Sep 2016 | Volunteer of the year as Design Society, Student Union Loughborough University

Papers, publications and articles

Canik, Y., Bohemia, E., & Telalbasic, I. (2017). Mapping coupled open innovation processes within an Innovation Institute using Activity Theory. Paper presented at the Design Management Academy 2017, Hong Kong

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