Shuyang Liu

Interdependencies Between Ecosystem and Business Models in Chinese Football Market

Shuyang Liu

Shuyang Liu is currently undertaking a PhD with the Institute for Sport Business. His research focuses on business model innovation in the Chinese football ecosystem.

Shuyang joined the Institution for Sport Business PhD community after achieving his master degree in Sport Business and Innovation at Loughborough University London in 2016. His master's dissertation focuses on organisational change and value creation in Chinese football clubs. Before joining Loughborough University London for his master's programme, Shuyang studied a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Birmingham. His undergraduate dissertation focused on UEFA Financial Fair Play analysis.

PhD research description

Shuyang's PhD aims to understand the interdependencies between an ecosystem and a business model and its relationship to value creation and value capture. The research context focuses on the football business in China which tends to explore a sustainable business model that can fit in China’s football ecosystem.
Shuyang's systematic literature review identified the key issues and gaps in the study of management, which has enabled her to begin working on a business model that will fit in China's ecosystem. It suggested that the football ecosystem has comprehensive influences on organisations' business models from the configuration stage to value exchange stage. Thus, this research tends to explore the interdependencies between ecosystem and business model in these stages and selects the Chinese football market as a target research segment.
The Chinese football market has been emerging since 2014, when the sports industry was recognised as a new ‘national economy growth point’ by the Chinese government. However, the rapid growth of the market raises concerns of the longevity of the Chinese football market, hence the need for a sustainable business model. Shuyang's research will identify key moderator factors in the Chinese football ecosystem and investigate how these ecosystem factors impact football organisations' business models on their value creation and value capture outcomes.

PhD supervisors

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Received the 'Excellence Scholarship' from Loughbrough University London during his masters degree in 2015.

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