Ruth Neubauer

Reconceptualising design practice: Knowledge and agency in digital technology design

Ruth Neubauer

Ruth's research within the Institute for Design Innovation has provided her with an opportunity to work on alternative ways of conceiving design practice.

Ruth graduated from the University of Fine Arts Vienna, with a Magistra artium degree in painting and graphic art. She then worked in digital technology design for over ten years.

PhD research description

Ruth is researching design processes with a practice lens to design. Current conceptions of knowledge production and agency in professional design bring up issues for designers and design outcomes. An alternative lens of viewing professional design as a form of social practice could potentially resolve these issues.

It was a natural next step in Ruth's career as a designer, to go into research and education. She has always had a deep interest in why we are doing things a certain way and how designs can be improved. 

PhD supervisors

Ruth is carrying out her research within the Institute for Design Innovation. She is working under the supervision of Kerry Harman.