Reza John Vedadi

Hollywood Representation of the Muslim Identity

Image of Reza Vedadipou.

Hollywood is one of the most influential media industries in the world. With the problem of Islamophobia increasing in the West, it is essential to understand the complex relationship between Hollywood and its representation of the Muslim identity.

Reza completed his undergraduate degree in Media Studies at London Guildhall Univerity. In 2010, he completed his first master’s degree in Film Production at London Metropolitan University, and in 2016 he completed his second postgraduate degree in Islamic Studies at Middlesex University.

PhD research description

Reza's PhD research aims to examine and explore the complex and fascinating relationship between the Hollywood film industry and the representation of the Muslim identity. Is it the American culture that influences how Hollywood studios depict Muslims in their films, or is it Hollywood movies that influence the way American culture and society view the Muslim identity, maybe its somewhere in between. 

PhD supervisors

Reza's PhD is supervised by Dr Ece Algan.

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Reza has directed, produced or filmed over 50 documentaries focusing on the Middle East and Muslim identity and culture over the last 10 years. He has also won the best documentary at the 2012 New Horizon International Film Festival, and at the 2014 Ammar Popular Film Festival. 

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