Madushi Pathmaperuma

User Internet activity analysis and modelling

Madushi is a doctoral researcher studying under the Institute for Digital Technologies at Loughborough University London.

Prior to joining Loughborough University London in January 2018, Madushi worked as a Lecturer in Sri Lanka. She completed her masters in 2016 in Computer Forensics from Liverpool John Moores University. In 2014 she completed her B.Eng (Hons) in Computer Science with a First Class and Gold medal for obtaining the highest GPA among all graduating batches (2014) in APIIT, School of Computing, Sri Lanka.

PhD research description

In today’s world mobile devices have become a fundamental element of people’s life. With the advancement of the Internet technology mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are not only used for traditional communication activities (e.g. text messages and voice calls) but also for tasks such as shopping, entertaining and finance, which has been made possible by various mobile applications.Network traffic that is generated by a mobile user has patterns that make it unique and therefore network traffic acts as a digital user fingerprint of the user that generated the traffic.

In this research a framework will be developed to create digital user fingerprints/ behavioral profiles of users connected to the Internet. The research is motivated by the fact that network user fingerprinting is useful for network security purposes such as user reconnaissance within networks, trend analysis for marketing purposes and enforcing QoS (Quality of Service) standards. Even though today's networks use encryption and communications are being encrypted, this research shows it is possible to create digital fingerprints of users, by classifying network traffic based only on flow attributes.

PhD supervisors

Madushi's PhD is supervised by Professor Ahmet Kondoz and Dr Safak Dogan

Awards, grants or scholarships received

  • LJMU Roscoe International Scholarship in 2015 - for the Masters degree
  • University Research Studentship from Loughborough University London in 2018 - for the PhD

Papers, publications and articles

"R2MONGO: A NOVEL TOOL TO MIGRATE RELATIONAL DATA TO NOSQL DATABASE” -Accepted for publication and presented at the “International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies” held in India - 2014

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