Mabel Machado-López

Entrepreneurship and city life: new urban dynamics in transitioning Cuba

Mabel, PhD student

Mabel is a doctoral researcher within the Institute for Media and Creative Industries. She is interested in studying the transformations of urban culture and the role of entrepreneurs in the reformation of Cuban socialism.

Prior to joining Loughborough University London, Mabel completed a MA in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London and a BA in Journalism at the University of Havana. For almost a decade Mabel worked as a reporter and editor for different Cuban media and as a lecturer and researcher at the School of Communications, University of Havana. 

PhD research description

Mabel's research focuses on socialist Cuba and the gradual transformation of its economic, political and social system as a result of the implementation of a set of policies known as la actualización (the update). The study will give an account of the changes that are taking place in the Caribbean island by looking at the transformations of urban culture brought by the increasing participation of the private sector in the everyday life of the cities. Specifically, the research examines how the flourishing entrepreneurial activity in the private sector has created differentiated opportunities and forms of consumption in urban environments, as well as imaginaries, practices and forms of association that coexist and collide with traditional socialist mechanisms of governance and political participation.
The study seeks to further expand the analysis of economic and structural transitions to new and more nuanced interpretations, by incorporating a social and urban critique that transcends the Western-centered approaches to the matter.

PhD supervisors

Mabel's PhD is supervised by Dr Rohit Dasgupta and Dr Patria Roman-Velazquez.

Awards, grants or scholarships received

  • PhD studentship awarded by the Institute for Media and Creative Industries, Loughborough university London (2018-2021).
  • Chevening scholarship awarded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom (2015-2016).
  • International Training Programme for young film critics, Talent Press, Talent Campus, International Film Festival of Guadalajara, Mexico (2012). 

Papers, publications and articles

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Machado-López, M. & Rodríguez-González, F.A. (2016). Copia y comparte. Visiones en torno a las prácticas de circulación y consumo de bienes culturales en entornos no institucionales en Cuba, Alcance, Vol.5, No.10.

Machado-López, M. (2015). Hacia la actualización de las políticas de comunicación en Cuba: El asunto de la gestión y sostenibilidad de las organizaciones periodísticas. SURES. Revista Digital do Instituto Latino-Americano de Arte, Cultura e Historia- Universidade Federal da Integraçao Latino-Americana UNILA, No.6.

Díaz-Hernández, C. & Machado-López, M. (2012). Palabras sobre la glásnost. La llamada transparencia informativa y el discurso periodístico sobre la historia soviética. Revista Universidad de La Habana, No.247.

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