Leny Vinceslas

Leny's research is focusing on the creation of sound zones for personal audio spaces.

Leny Vinceslas is a PhD candidate and Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher studding spatial audio at the Institute for Digital Technologies of Loughborough University London and involved in the Marie Curie Cloudscreens project.

Leny received a BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Joseph Fourier University in 2009. He completed a first MSc degree in Sound and Music Computing in 2010 at Pompeu Fabra University and a second MSc degree in Acoustic and Signal Processing for Music in 2011 at IRCAM.
Prior to his research at Loughborough University London, Leny worked as research engineer at the Yamaha Music Processing Group and later at the Phonetic and Phonology Lab of Sorbonne Nouvelle University.

PhD research description

Leny’s current research focuses on the development of a novel sound field control method for the generation of multiple sound zones in realistic environments. For this purpose, the most appropriate sound field control strategies for realising a multi-sound zone system are investigated. Particular emphasis is made on joint-optimization with multi-objective methods (in opposition to the superposition method where solutions are optimized separately) and on frequency domain filters for broadband reproduction.

Through simulations and comparing the proposed method with the existing approaches, a proof-of-concept prototype is being built for evaluating the proposed method under realistic conditions. The application works in such a way that the audio of one user is available at the targeted local domain only, but attenuated significantly at other locations (e.g., a listener in Zone A will not be able to hear the sounds from Zones B and C). The results provide a clear guideline for the creations of personal audio spaces in application such as public transport, auditoriums or living spaces.

PhD supervisors

Leny is studying for his PhD within the Institute for Digital Technologies, under the supervision of Professor Ahmet Kondoz and Dr. Hyun Lim. He also has industrial connections with the Dutch company Irdeto, which is part of the Marie Curie Cloudscreens consortium.

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Marie Curie Cloudscreens grant, Loughborough University London, 2015- 2018

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