Laura Bradshaw

It’s not rocket science: a phenomenological study of performance evolution and organisational innovation in sports enterprises

Laura Bradshaw

Laura, from the UK, is a PhD student at Loughborough University London studying under the Institute for Sport Business. Her research focuses on sports business innovation and she is passionate about enhancing performance through innovation.

Prior to her studies at London, Laura graduated from Coventry University with an MBA in International Sports Management and Glyndwr University with a BSc in Sports Science.
Laura holds various qualifications in athlete lifestyle management and previously worked as an athlete manager in Football and at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee.

PhD research description

Laura's PhD research aims to understand how organisations are currently innovating, why they are innovating (the antecedents to innovation), where they are innovating (player development, player performance, staff development, R&D) and the performance outcomes of this innovation. Whilst there is a plethora of literature on technological innovation within sports there is little to understand the organisational level innovation that is happening behind the elite teams.
Her research serves to investigate how we improve organisational performance, by focusing on elite organisations such as NASA, The United Nations, Military: Special Operations Forces, The Royal Ballet, Red Bull and Silicon Valley Technology companies to understand how elite performing organisations are innovating, beyond technological and product innovation. Interest will be focused on the human element within organisations, from back office staff to players on the field, how does the organisation as a whole innovate their performance. This will enable me to map out the performance characteristics of these elite organisations.
In order to understand how to create a highly innovative organisation, Laura will undertake an analysis of elite organisations who have all developed innovative practices. These multiple case studies aim, through Space, Sport and Business, to identify performance characteristics that emerge to contribute to a wider understanding of organisational innovation.
The research project offers exciting opportunities for future implementation at a practitioner level and the possibility of further research as a result of her project.

PhD supervisors

Laura is studying for her PhD within the Institute for Sport Business under the supervision of Professor James Skinner and Dr Steve Swanson.

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Laura has been awarded a PhD studentship from the Institute for Sport Business. 

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Interests and activities

Laura is a member of Women in Football, The Football Collective and He for She. She is passionate about equality in all forms and champions women in STEM.


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