Jacqueline Mueller

Implicit Leadership theories - A phenomenographic study within a sporting context.

Jacky Mueller

Jacky is a doctoral researcher affiliated with the Institute for Sport Business. She has been granted full funding for her PhD project, which focuses on implicit leadership theories within a sporting context. Jacky previously graduated from the MSc. Sport Business and Innovation Programme at Loughborough University with distinction in 2016.

Jacqueline Mueller joined Loughborough University London in its opening year to study MSc Sport Business and Innovation. Originally from Germany,  Jacqueline received her first degree from the University of Applied Science Europe, in Iserlohn, and after a semester abroad in San Diego and an internship in Hong Kong, Jacqueline graduated with a BSc in Sport and Event Management.  On completion of her first degree, Jacky decided to gain some industry experience in the UK and Germany before returning to education in 2015. From the onset of her master's degree at Loughborough Universtity, Jacky established herself as a fantastic frontrunner for Loughborough’s advancement into London, by becoming a Programme Representative and a Student Ambassador. She is currently a visiting Lecturer with the University of Applied Science and delivers the module Balanced leadership.

PhD research description

Jacky's PhD focuses on Implicit Leadership theories, and aims to improve the understanding of leadership perceptions in a sport context. In particular, her study seeks to introduce meaningfully different clusters of ILTs to group individuals into different categories and explore differences and similarities between contexts. By conducting a phenomenographic study,  Jacky will introduce a limited number of categories of ILTs which are shared amongst team members in selected sporting contexts such as Premier League Football teams. Her research aspires to provide practical and theoretical implications for future leadership training and research within a sporting context.

PhD supervisors

Jacky's PhD is supervised by Professor James Skinner and is co-supervised by Dr Steve Swanson. Her external supervisor is Prof. Jon Billsberry from Deakin University, Australia. 

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Jacky received one of 5 PhD studentships to study a PhD with the Institute for Sport Business, which began in September 2016. Furthermore, she has been awarded the Deans Award of Excellence in recognition of her academic achievements and the Peer Support Award to credit her extra curricular work at Loughborough University London.

Papers, publications and articles

Interests and activities

Jacky has always been interested in sport management. During her Master's programme, Jacky became increasingly attracted to the study of leadership and the application of leadership practices and principles to a sporting context. She has a strong passion for gender equality in sport. In her youth Jacky competed on a national level in Handball.

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