Andi Widianto

Digital Economy: Impact of Digital Innovation on Social Welfare

Andi's PhD will measure the impacts of digital innovation on social welfare in Indonesia using experimental methods.

Andi Widianto is currently a PhD researcher at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Loughborough University London with focus on digital economy. He completed his bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember in Indonesia, gained a post-graduate certificate in Business Analysis from Northwestern University, and holds a Master's degree in Public Policy in Economic Policy from the Harris School of Public Policy, The University of Chicago in the US.

PhD research description

Andi's research will focus on digital economy, particularly on how digital innovation impacts on social welfare using experimental methods (experimental economics).

PhD supervisors

Andi's PhD is supervised by Dr Justin Tumlinson (primary supervisor) and Dr Surya Mahdi (secondary supervisor).

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Andi was awarded a Full Doctoral Scholarship granted by the Central Bank of Indonesia in 2019.

Papers, publications and articles

Andi has published papers in engineering and unpublished papers in economics.

Interests and activities

Outside of his studies, Andi enjoys reading and swimming in his spare time.

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