Ali Talal Noori

Migrant Memory and Post-Colonial Imagination - Partition of India 1947

Ali Talal Noori is a PhD Fellow and An Early Stage Researcher in within the Institute for Media and Creative Industries.

His research is focused on mixed heritage family units and trans-generational narratives of the 1947 Partition of India with the interaction of not just disaporic memory, but also tiaspora. His work is directed towards understanding the issue of identity conflicts between South Asian families of mixed heritage, that is, Inter-faith and inter-cultural marriages. His social research methods also work upon designing a theatre play to highlight the performance of Britishness and South-Asianness for communties based in Southall and Bradford. 

Ali received a BSc in Media Sciences and an MA in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy from City, University of London. 

PhD research description

Narratives of Partition in mixed heritage British South Asian families and the cultural identity of households of inter-faith, cross-border marriages. The performance of Britishness and South-Asian-ness in such families and the narratives of the 1947 Partition being passed down in such households. This would be an interesting research since it shall give three layers to the project. One of being from either side of the border, India or Pakistan. Secondly, on religious identities within the household and its’ influence of the narratives of Partition being passed on and thirdly the British identity of these family units. Also, studying Cricket as a sport embodiment for theatre design to elicit emotion between Indian and Pakistani origin British families. 

PhD supervisors

Ali's PhD is supervised by Professor Emily Keightley (Loughborough University), Dr Andrew Shelby and Dr Clelia Clini

Interests and activities

Ali is interested in anything remotely or closely related to history and engages in extensive research on India and Pakistan. His prime interest for a union of the two countries makes him the strongest advocate against the two nation theory. Ali has traveled to forty two countries and loves solo projects and blogging. He is also a two times badminton gold champion and played cricket at national level. 

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