Rethinking the transport system for the coming era

Students worked with CCD, a leading human behaviour and design agency based in London.

Students worked on either of the two research problems posed by CCD. The first problem focused on 'The future city – the customer experience', while the second problem was themed around 'Thinking of 2050 for a new transport system in the coming era'. As can be noted from both problem areas, the organisation brief anticipated students to think of the future, and think outside the box, utilising their acquired knowledge and skills.

Working with CCD helped us to understand the real market and world of business. We received feedback from specialists in the field who had a good understanding of our project. In addition, people from the company were very helpful and informative in giving guidance and suggestions on how to improve our project. We also got to meet students who were not on our programme of study, expanding our professional and social network.

Siraprapai Thumrongluck, Student at Loughborough University London

About CCD

CCD are a multi-disciplinary design company based in London. CCD has more than 38 years of experience in applying the science of human factors and ergonomics to the design process. They are mainly focused on four different areas:

  1. Design of production and healthy workspaces
  2. Designing information for way finding
  3. Designing physical space, information and services to deliver great experiences
  4. Designing human interactions with digital and physical products

These specialties have been applied to a range of design projects including airports, railways, utilities, healthcare, security, education, sports and heritage & leisure across Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the USA.

Site visits to CCD

The organisation representatives visited Loughborough University London students very often, making themselves available at even short notices. They also invited students in smaller groups to visit their premises. In turn, this allowed students to interact with the organisation as often as needed, and helped them incorporate what is expected of them while shaping their thoughts and projects to more accurately address both problems.

Collaborative Project allowed the students to get first-hand experience of working with a real company on a real-world challenge, thus provided them with an invaluable experience of real working life. My experience allowed me to interact not only with different students from various disciplines, but also the company itself and its very approachable staff, with whom I hope to be able to collaborate for future research and enterprise opportunities.

Dr Safak Dogan, Senior Lecturer in Multimedia Technologies, Institute for Digital Technologies

What is CCD up to now?

The V&A Museum have appointed CCD to create a new, holistic wayfinding strategy. They were chosen over a variety of other competitors.