New coffee shop venture

A selection of students worked with Bespoke Beverage to develop a proposal for a luxury coffee shop in Hackney Wick, which adheres to Bespoke Beverage’s brand identity and values. The students had to decide where the coffee shop should be located, the menu and the prices.

The collaborative projects were a fantastic opportunity to work with Loughborough University London on a real world problem and resulted in multiple positive outcomes from the engaged and professional student teams.

Richard Hardwick, Co-Founder, Bespoke Beverages

About Bespoke Beverages

Bespoke Beverages are a company well known for their high quality coffee. Bespoke Beverages sell the most expensive coffee in the world, due to its exclusivity and luxury. Founder Richard Hardwick and Co-Founder Neil Reilly established the hugely profitable enterprise; their love for drinking high quality coffee introduced them to a coffee that was like no other. Purveyors to the world’s rarest coffees. Founded in 2012, Bespoke Beverages are a successful start up moving into a high growth phase and are known for offering the world’s most valuable cup of coffee at £325.

Working in collaboration with students from other disciplines

Each student brought different skills to the project and we were able to learn from each other. All from different countries and other disciplines so the students learnt about other cultures as well as other subject areas.

Site visit

Richard Hardwick hosted a brainstorming session with students on at The Gentlemen Baristas Coffee House, near London Bridge. During this visit the students also got treated to different coffees and teas from all over the world and to meet from Ed and Henry, founders of The Gentlemen Baristas Coffee House, and hear how they started their business.

The students very much enjoyed working on the collaborative project with Bespoke Beverages. To interact so closely with a company co-founder and hear how he had grown his business and to play a small part in that journey was incredibly valuable to them. Also the coffee we got to try as a consequence of working with Bespoke was great too!

Alex Lyness, Collaborative Project Manager at Loughborough University London

It gives you a real idea of what it's like to start up a business. We learnt a lot from people like Richard Hardwick who gave us tips and suggestions about marketing, costumers, business and networking. The Collaborative Project gave us the opportunity to get out and about, do our own research and look at things through the eyes of the CEO of the company.

Sam Salum, Student at Lougborough University London

What are Bespoke Beverages up to now?

Bespoke Beverages has since worked with a final year student at Loughborough University's Design School to design an innovative new French coffee press.

They have also launched a new company called HALO coffee: "The world’s best coffee. In a way that’s best for the world.”