Digital Democracy and CSR brand experiences

Groups of students worked with City Insights, a proven, cost-effective entry to the mobile comms revolution.

Using City Insights' digital platform, students were challenged to think about Digital Democracy and CSR brand experiences. They responded with real imagination and ambition creating mixed reality gaming, virtual social-political worlds, consumer-dictated corporate donation and discount schemes, and community building platforms based around volunteering and shared social values, aimed at clients such as Waitrose and IKEA. 

Challenges are set that require a multidisciplinary response from the students, and it demands that they get out into the world and speak with real businesses and people. This year, following the Collaborative Project module, City Insights are working with a couple of Loughborough Students to complete Masters dissertations. These are looking at how to reimagine public libraries, based in Stratford.

Every time we come, we learn more about ourselves as a company, how we can address some of the challenges we face, better express what we value and find new ways to share what we know. Hopefully, some of our passion and expertise is passed on to the students as well. 

Pete Gardom, Content Developer, City Insights

About City Insights

City Insights are a London-based company that look into the future of digital placemaking to engage user audiences with a sense of place through different media. City Insights aim to transform the way people see and feel about a place and offer help with content planning, graphic design, scripting, editing and updating aimed to make stories sharp, direct and compelling for hand-held viewing. Their versatile reach goes into areas such as culture, tourism, sports, parks and properties.

Feedback from the project

We have been working on the Collaborative Project module for a couple of years and each time we welcome the results as they get more and more interesting. We started out with a Sense of Place Project in 2015-16, where one group actually built a sensor, hacked our system and started feeding data into it…great!
Pete Gardom, Content Developer, City Insights


The Collaborative Project taught me how to work with different people, different expertise and different views. As I was in a group with students from different countries, I was able to see things from a different perspective and learn how I need to work with people from different cultures. I developed some valuable leadership skills and how to get the best out of my team members. I also became more confident in speaking with different people.

Imran Sabdullah, Student at Loughborough University London

What is City Insights up to now?

City Insights are currently developing the interpretive strategy and content for a series of national museums in Dubai. They are also working on a community engagement and internal communications platform for the Houses of Parliament, and preparing for a pilot collaboration project rethinking communication in health and social care environments.