Designing sports stadiums

The purpose of this project was for students to collaborate with Two Circles, a sports marketing agency, to solve new ways of developing sports stadiums so that they meet current fan expectations.

Everyone involved at Two Circles found working with both students and staff at Loughborough University London enjoyable and rewarding. It was fantastic to meet students from a wide range of backgrounds and hear their fascinating ideas around solving some of the most pressing problems facing the sports industry at the moment.

Tom Williams, Client Analyst, Two Circles (Loughborough University Alumnus)

About Two Circles

Two Circles is a data-driven sports marketing agency; they use data to help sports clubs, leagues, federations and events grow relationships with their audiences and partners, improve customer experiences and achieve commercial growth. Founded in 2011, Two Circles now has offices in London, Switzerland and North America and in 2017 were named Agency of the Year at the BT Sport Industry Awards for the second time. 

Site visit

Our students were asked to think how stadiums should be designed and developed over the next 20 years to accommodate changes in technology and fans’ expectations/habits. They also had to think of ways to help partners grow revenue using data. These two topics required students to think forwardly and creatively.

The visit to the company provided students with the experience of a highly effective and motivated work environment in London. The chance to communicate directly with the clients (employees) in the company particularly enabled the students to better understand and solve the problem they were working on. The feedback of such visit was very positive.

The participation in the Collaborative Project was both challenging and rewarding.

Sophie Peng, PhD Researcher, Insititute for Sport Business

What is Two Circles up to now?

Two Circles are expanding rapidly as they continue in their mission to change the game for sports marketing internationally from their offices in London, New York and Bern.