Creating a high impact social media campaign

Our students worked with the independent creative agency, HeyBigMan!, and were challenged to produce a new, high impact and engaging social media campaign for a charity.

Th Collaborative Project was a new, challenging experience to work with a team from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Jean Cavallera, Student at Loughborough University London

The experience of collaborating with professionals and students from different disciplines, cultures, languages and interests has helped me realise my potential and improve my own weaknesses. This project sculpted me into a more confident designer.

Arunya Sumi Chandresan, Student at Loughborough University London

About HeyBigMan!

HeyBigMan! was established in 2013 and is an independent creative agency based in Hackney Wick. They help their clients with developing their brands through the use of contemporary design and engaging content. This enables them to communicate the message that their clients want to convey effectively.

Solving the problem

Our students were given a brief from a charitable organisation. They were required to devise a new fundraising and awareness campaign that will become a version of the successful Ice Bucket Challenge. Students had to create a participant-led social media campaign that will hopefully have the same kind of entertainment value and viral potential of the Ice Bucket Challenge, in which people film themselves doing wacky things that entertains the social media masses, encourages others to take part and in doing so, raises the profile of the charity and generates an income. The campaign will launch with its own visual identity, which was created by the students. 
The students benefited from the organisation visit in terms of getting acquainted with the staff from HeyBigMan and meeting other colleagues who were happy to talk about their on-going projects, their approach to tackling social issues and their collaborations with other partners in the East London area.

It was good to see the students being challenged by working in multidisciplinary teams and working on an innovation project with a client who followed their entire development journeys. The lectures provided inputs that the students could apply, test and implement into their final proposals. They were able to gain a sense of what working in the field of innovation management is truly like.

Dr Ida Telalbasic, Lecturer in the Institute for Design Innovation

What is HeyBigMan! up to now?

HeyBigMan! are continuting to work on creative projects to create engaging brand content. Some of their clients include the premium juicing brand, Press London. They have also worked with radio stations, Capital FM Liverpool and Heart FM.