Exploring ways to reposition brands through strategy

Students from a range of disciplines worked with Flamingo, an insight and strategy agency, to establish new ways to reposition brands. This included creating new 'luxury' prepositions for brands that do not currently have one. They were also challenged to create a radically different 21st Century healthcare proposition.

It's always exciting to see diverse groups of people come together to tackle a challenge and generate new and exciting ideas, and from my experience that's what the Collaborative Projects are all about. We're really supportive of building problem solving teams with diverse professional, academic and cultural backgrounds.

Stu Enticknap, Senior Innovation Strategist, Flamingo

About Flamingo

Flamingo is an insight and strategy agency working all around the world, all of the time. They have applied their unique cultural lens to an incredibly diverse range of brand and innovation challenges, for many of the most visionary brands and organisations on the planet.

About the project

Students were given a brief to rethink the ‘luxury’ proposition of an existing brand, product or service, or to create a new ‘luxury’ proposition for a brand that doesn’t currently have one. They had to rethink an established consumer goods product, and create a new service that offers more value for your customer. Another aspect of the project was to rethink one aspect of our 20th century healthcare system and create a radically different 21st Century healthcare proposition. Students were required to consider how the new proposition might help people to help each other, change where health happens, prescribe more than medicine, or make health pay.

The Collaborative Project provides really good opportunities for students to learn to work in groups to tackle a real life problem. They benefit greatly from on-going company feedback which prepares them well for future employment.  As a tutor, it's great to see the students developing skills and supporting one another as the project progresses.

Dr Vicky Lofthouse, Senior Lecturer, Institute for Design Innovation

What is Flamingo up to now?

Flamingo are busy applying incisive people, cultural and brand insight to help their clients get to the truly powerful ideas that resonate - ideas that shape culture, enrich lives and deliver sustainable business growth. They are drawing on their specialisms, from People Insight, Semiotics, and Digital Forensics, to provide a unique and informed lens on the world.