Planning an innovative marketing campaign

Students across a number of Institutes collaborated to work on a marketing project set by Digital Skills Solutions. The company were able to use elements from the marketing campaign designed by our students to map out a pathway for a new marketing plan, which gave their new Marketing Manager further clarity on what their business is aiming to do in the future.

It was really beneficial for us to go through the Collaborative Project. We found that it helped us to shape and prioritize our own thoughts, as well as look into new avenues for marketing that we had perhaps not considered before. We were able to use the product of the projects to map out a pathway for a new marketing plan, which gave our new Marketing Manager a good idea of what we were aiming to do.

Estelle Lumb, Operations Officer at Digital Skills Solutions

About Digital Skills Solutions

Digital Skills Solutions provide opportunities for people who wish to complete an accredited technology course or apprenticeship in London. They offer bespoke programmes that meet the most current industry demand in state-of-the-art learning environments. 

Site visit

Our students had an enjoyable visit at Digital Skills Solutions. The company were very welcoming and had a number of members from the organisation's board there, which the students benefitted from as it allowed them to understand the organisation from various perspectives. Students also had the opportunity to participate in a brainstorming discussion to talk about the implentation and progression of their ideas. 

The Collaborative Project was an interesting experience, and provided students with an enriching learning curve. 

Karim H. Ahmed, Loughborough University London

What is Digital Skills Solutions up to now?

Due to the hiring of both a Marketing Manager and a Marketing Apprentice, Digital Skills Solutions have progressed further ahead than they were even just a few months ago. Their social media channels and overall branding have been brought up to a high standard and they are looking forward to seeing all of the Marketing Team's efforts come to fruition!