Encouraging the community to lead active lifestyles

Students collaborated with activeNewham, who work in partnership with Newham council to provide the local community with sports and leisure opportunities. Our students were tasked with using their creativity and innovation skills to develop a useful and engaging app to encourage people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle on a daily basis.

The collaborative project was an excellent experience.

Keiron Butcher, Commerical Director, activeNewham

About activeNewham

activeNewham are a Leisure Trust with charitable status. They work in Newham to provide leisure and community services, and their mission is to support people to become more active within the local community. They provide a range of sport and leisure facilities to encourage the community to lead an active lifestyle. 

Site visit

Students worked with activeNewham to develop a work place health app and to provide a design solution to engage with a prospective user on a day to day basis. The students visited one of the activeNewham's leisure centres in Stratford. They were given a tour of the facilities and this was guided by Bradley, one of their duty managers. Bradley is a sports enthusiast and inspired our students. It was an excellent opportunity for students to relate their project objectives with activeNewham's facilities. 

The project is a great opportunity for students to learn and build important skills such as team work, collaboration, presentation, pitching and report writing, which are crucial skills to succeed in future careers.

Dr Yogachandran Rahulamathavan, Lecturer in the Institute for Digital Technologies, Loughborough University London

What is activeNewham up to now?

activeNewham continue to work closely with the local community to provide opportunities that engage them with sport and fitness.