Fees and funding

Studying for a postgraduate programme at Loughborough University London is a significant but incredibly rewarding investment in your career and your future.

Taught Postgraduate ProgrammesUK-EUInternational
MSc Cyber Security and Big Data £10,000 £22,650
MA Design and Culture £10,000 £22,650
MA/MSc Design Innovation £10,000 £22,650
MRes in Design Innovation £10,000 £17,000
MSc Design Innovation Management £10,000 £22,650
MSc Digital Engineering and Innovation Management £10,000 £22,650
MSc Digital Creative Media £10,000 £22,650
MRes in Digital Technologies £10,000  £17,000
MSc Diplomacy, Business and Trade £10,000 £18,500
MSc Diplomacy and the Digital State £10,000 £18,500
MRes in Diplomacy and International Governance £10,000 £17,000
MSc Diplomacy, Statecraft and Foreign Policy £10,000 £18,500
MSc Entrepreneurial Design Management £10,000 £22,650
MSc Entrepreneurship, Finance and Innovation £13,200 £23,950
MRes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation £10,000 £17,000
MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management £13,200 £23,950
MSc Internet Technologies with Business Management £10,000 £22,650
MSc Managing Innovation in Creative Organisations £13,200 £23,950
MA Media and Creative Industries £10,000 £17,000
MRes in Media and Creative Industries £10,000 £17,000
MSc Mobile Communication Systems £10,000 £22,650
MSc Security, Peace-Building and Diplomacy £10,000 £18,500
MRes in Sport Business £10,000 £17,000
MSc Sports Business and Innovation £10,000 £22,650
MSc Sports Digital and Media Technologies £10,000 £22,650
MSc Sports Business and Leadership £10,000 £22,650
Research Postgraduate Band 1 TBC £16,000
Research Postgraduate Band 3 TBC £20,500

The Institutes and Academies are banded as follows:

Research Postgraduate Band 1

  • Glendonbrook Institute for Enterprise Development
  • Institute for Media and Creative Industries
  • The Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance

Research Postgraduate Band 3

  • Institute for Digital Technologies
  • Institute for Sport Business
  • Institute for Design Innovation

UK Postgraduate Loans Scheme for taught programmes

A new system of postgraduate loans for master’s degrees in the UK has been introduced for 2016, providing up to £10,000 a year.

Which courses are eligible?

The loan is for masters courses in all subjects beginning on or after 1st August 2016, including taught and research programmes. Your programme can be a full-time (1-2 years), part-time (2-4 years) or distance learning course. If your chosen course is only available part time, a 3 year course will be accepted. Your course must be from a UK university. MA, MSc, MRes, MBA, Med or LLM courses are accepted. MPhil programmes lasting 2 years or less are also included, but the loan will not cover PhD's.

How much can I borrow?

Full time students can borrow any amount up to £10,000, which will be issued in three instalments over the academic year. Loans for part-time study are capped at £5,000 per year, for 2 years.

It’s up to you how much you borrow, whether that’s £100 or £10,000. It’s also your choice how you spend the money, though the loan is intended to cover the cost of your tuition fees, learning resources and/or living expenses.

The loan has been designed to help individuals and is flexible enough to cater to specific needs. Some students, such as those living close to their chosen Institution, will be able to self-fund their living expenses, but may need the loan to help pay for their course. Some will be able to self-fund their course, but need a loan to help cover their living costs. Others may not be able to contribute anything towards their fees, resources or living costs.

Who can apply?

To get the loan, you must be living in England and intend to study your masters at a UK University. UK nationals and those with settled status in the UK can apply, so long as they have been living in England for 3 years.

EU, EEA or Swiss nationals living in the EU, EEA or Switzerland are also eligible, so long as they are intending to study at a UK University.

When do I repay the loan?

You are not required to repay any of the loan until you have finished or left your course and your income is over £21,000 a (frozen until 2021). Once you earn over this amount, the Government will automatically take 6% of what you earn over the threshold (keep reading for an example). Any loan remaining 30 years after you’re due to start making repayments will be written off.

Will I be charged interest?

Interest will be charged at the Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 3% from the day you receive your first payment until the loan is paid in full.

When can I apply?

You can apply for a loan from the end of June.

Further information about application dates can be found on the GOV.uk website.

Read our blog post for more information, including eligibility and repayments.

UK Postgraduate Loans Scheme for PhD programmes

Doctoral loans will be introduced in 2018.

More information about the PhD loans is expected in the future, following further consultation by the government. In the meantime the key details are that the loans, of up to £25,000, will be available across all subjects, and all UK universities (i.e. institutions located in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

The loan is intended to contribute to the costs of your PhD, rather than cover full fees and living costs for a typical three year doctorate (which will vary according to the institution and location).

In order to receive a doctoral loan you must be an English student, accepted for PhD study at a UK university and not receiving a Research Council living allowance. No restrictions concerning the age of the applicant have been announced so far. Further details regarding personal eligibility will be updated as they become available.

It is understood that part-time students will be eligible to apply for the loan.

Repayment terms are currently under further consultation, but the information released so far is that postgraduate loan repayments are intended to be combined with the Master’s degree loan (if taken). Students will therefore make one repayment on the maximum combined loan of £35,000. The loans will be subject to interest, but rates have not been confirmed yet. This website will be updated as more details are announced.