Research plays a key role in understanding business success, providing individuals and businesses with insights and resources to transform an innovative idea into a successful product or service, making new (or existing) enterprises more successful.

At Loughborough University London, you will have the opportunity to work with top researchers in the field, gaining first-hand experience of doing academic research relevant for real-life problem solving. Presentation of research findings at key national and international conferences is an important part of your training. You will be actively encouraged to engage with research communities across the globe and you will become part of a talented research community within the University.

Our academics are actively involved in a variety of industry sectors and have links with innovative organisations who work with us on a variety of projects. This provides the opportunity for staff and research students to gather primary data and determine what impact our research has in practice.

Our research, then, focuses on harnessing the innovative strategy of enterprises resulting in more and more successful entrepreneurial behaviour.

Specific themes include:

  • Collaboration between organisations to create innovation from a social network perspective

  • Adoption of technological innovation by small firms

  • Entrepreneurial creativity and imagination

  • Entrepreneurship and family firms

  • Management buy - outs in family owned companies

  • Digital enterprise

  • Online entrepreneurial activity

  • Gender intersectionality and entrepreneurship

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