PhD Opportunities

The Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance offers exciting opportunities for those interested in pursuing an MPhil/PhD in research areas which include:

Diplomatic History, Theory and Practice; Science Diplomacy; Statecraft; Security Studies; Peace Studies; International Governance and Law; Economics, Business and Trade; Peace Studies; Gender Studies; Media Studies; Intelligence; Foreign Policy; Cultural Studies; Community Studies; Human Capital Development; Environmental Studies; Image Projection and Reputation Management; European and Middle Eastern Studies; The Politics of Sports and Nation Building.

PhD Degrees which were supervised by Professor Nabil Ayad and successfully completed:

  • A Critical Study of Hamlet’s Arabic Translations

  • The Conflict in the Western Sahara

  • The Construction and Representation of the European Union's International Identity

  • Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations and State Practice

  • A New Conceptual Approach to Conflict Resolution in the Post-Cold War World

  • Regional Integration and Co-operation in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Towards an E-Government: The Case of Dubai

  • Diplomatic Negotiations: Romania’s Accession to the European Union, a Case Study

  • Effective Diplomacy and Nation-Building: A critical study of the Tribal Diplomacy adopted by three Arabian Gulf clans and its contribution to the Establishment of two modern nation states (1716-1826)

  • Paradigms in Caribbean Trade Diplomacy: Negotiating the Economic Partnership with the EU

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