Frequently Asked Questions

Before the Ceremony

How do I know if I am eligible to Graduate

Students who are eligible to graduate and who are nearing the completion of their programme will receive an invitation email from the Graduation Office in November for the December ceremony. If you do not receive an email and you believe that you are eligible to graduate, please contact the Graduation Office.

The invitation email will contain details of arrangements for the graduation ceremonies including a link to the online reply form which MUST be completed. You should complete the reply form even if you do not intend to attend your graduation ceremony. In order to graduate at the December ceremony, you must have successfully completed your programme of study and settled your student account at least two weeks before the start of the ceremonies.

Postgraduate students

Your results will be published online at myresults two days after your programme board. If this page states that your results have not been published because your balance is not clear then you must contact the Finance Office immediately.

Research Students

Please contact the Research Student Office if you are unsure whether or not your results have been published.

Student Accounts

Please ensure that your student account is clear at least two weeks before the start of the ceremonies. Please note that you should allow 14 days for cheques to clear and 2 days for all other methods of payment. Please ensure that your results have been published at least two weeks before the start of the ceremonies.

I am not sure if I have any debts outstanding to the University should I check?

Please check with the Finance Office on +44 (0)1509 223538 and the Student Support Desk located on level two to make sure your account is clear.

Should I wait to find out if I have passed before booking to attend?

No! It is very important that you reply to us before the deadline indicated in the invitation email. If you do not reply before this date we cannot guarantee you a space in the ceremony. Requests for additional guest tickets are noted on a first come first served basis, therefore it is best you reply as soon as possible.

What should I do if I have not received an invitation?

Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria stated in FAQ How do I know if I'm eligible to graduate?, including paying all your debts to the university. If you are eligible then please contact the graduation office.

What happens if I have submitted an appeal?

You should still complete and return your reply form so that we know you are planning to attend.

Normally the timescales involved are very tight and it is rare for appeals to be fully resolved ahead of the degree ceremonies. Therefore, if your appeal is regarding your degree classification, then we recommend you attend your ceremony. You should note that this will not prejudice the consideration of your appeal.

If your appeal is subsequently upheld and results in a change to your degree classification you will be issued with an updated transcript and certificate. Should you wish to attend another degree ceremony you will be permitted to do so - please contact the graduation office to make the necessary arrangements.

How much does graduation cost?

Attendance to the graduation ceremony itself does not cost you or your guests anything. However you cannot graduate unless you are wearing the appropriate academic dress which must be bought or hired from Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd. The price for gown hire is approximately £51-58, all information about the gowns can be found here.

Can provisions be made for Graduands/guests with individual requirements?

We promise to try our hardest to accommodate the needs of all Graduands and guests. Please let us know as soon as possible of any individual requirements you may have.

Will information about my award be published?

Yes, information about the award you recieve will automatically be published and be available online. Further information on how your data will be used and how to opt-out is available online here.

Attendance Booking

Can I change the date if I cannot attend the ceremony?

You are able to defer your graduation for up to a year. The next Loughborough University London Graduation ceremony will take place in December 2017. Please contact to the Graduation Office to inform them that you wish to defer your graduation. By deferring your graduation, you will not be able to receive your certificate until the future ceremony.

I have missed the deadline for replying what should I do?

Let us know as soon as possible. Although we cannot guarantee you a place in the ceremony we will try our hardest.

I have completed my online reply form but not received a response.

We do not send out confirmation emails, before the deadline for replies. However you should receive an email confirming your attendance and the number of guest tickets you have been allocated 10 days before the ceremony. If you still have heard nothing from us by then please contact us as soon as possible.

Do I need to inform you if I can no longer attend my ceremony?

Yes, please let us know as soon as you can. At the same time you can also make the arrangements for posting your certificate.

During the Ceremony

How long is the ceremony?

The ceremony lasts approximately 90 minutes but please leave plenty of time for departure as there will be a lot of people on campus.

What is the order of the ceremony?

Firstly it is very important that Graduands and their guests are seated 15 minutes prior to the published start time. The ceremony will begin with the procession where all of the university officers, honorary graduates and the chancellor will process in, in full academic dress. The Chancellor will then declare the congregation in session, this will be followed by the Vice-Chancellor's or Provost's address. Each student will then be led up to the stage, their name will be read out and they will walk across the stage to shake the Chancellor's hand and receive their degree certificate. There may also be the conferment of Honorary Degrees and University Medals. Once all the students have received their awards, the Chancellor will address the congregation and close the proceedings. The procession will then leave the hall followed by the graduates.

Can I take photographs during the ceremony?

It is best if graduands do not take cameras or bags with them to the ceremony, however it is fine for guests to take photographs as long as they remain seated.

Ceremony tickets

Does the graduand need a ticket?

Each Graduand will receive an e-ticket by email (confirming the number of guest tickets allocated). Please bring a hardcopy of the e-ticket with you and register at the desk in the foyer of the James France Building where it will be exchanged for a seating card for the graduating student and separate guest tickets. Please make sure that you sit in the chair indicated on the seating card.

When can I get my ticket?

Tickets will be sent to you by email approximately 10 days before the ceremonies. Please ensure you enter your personal email address on the reply form.


Can I order more guest tickets?

We can guarantee all Graduands two guests tickets for the December ceremonies and two guest tickets for the July ceremonies but we cannot guarantee any more. Please let us know if you would like more tickets either by email or through the booking form. We will make a note of your request and try to accommodate your wishes if there are any additional seats. We will not be able to tell you if you will receive additional tickets until 10 days before the ceremony.

When do guests have to be seated?

It is best for guests to also take their seat 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. Again this leaves plenty of time for unforeseeable delays

Can children attend the ceremony?

Yes children and babies can attend the ceremony however they will require their own guest ticket in order for us to comply with health, safety and fire regulations.

Academic Dress

Do I have to order academic dress?

All students attending graduation ceremonies for the conferment of their awards MUST wear the appropriate academic dress. Details of how to hire your academic dress direct from the robe makers Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd.

Data Protection Act

Are graduand details published?

As a part of the degree ceremony organisation the Graduation Office do publish and share some personal information, for example in the graduation ceremony programme. If you do not want us to do this, please email us at least one month before the degree ceremonies. Full details of how your information will be used can be seen at

Graduation Photography

Do I have to purchase photographs?

No, photographs are not compulsory, though we do encourage graduands to purchase photographs from the day by Success as they are a lovely momento of your accomplishment after all the hard work you have put in in order to graduate.

A wide range of photograph packages are available to suit everyone and every graduate will receive a FREE digital download of their on-stage presentation photograph. Photography booking and purchases will also be available on the day, although a wider range of options is available to students who book photography in advance.



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