Academic Dress

Academic dress

The wearing of academic dress is a tradition that has persisted since the Middle Ages, when the first universities were founded. The varying colours of the gowns and hoods and more subtle variations in their style and cut, indicate the award (diploma, bachelor, master or doctor), and the awarding university.

Ordering your gown

Graduands are required to wear full academic dress, gown, hood and cap, which should be hired from Loughborough University's official gown supplier, Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd. This can be done by completing an on-line order form and you will receive a £5 online discount. Please click the link above.

It is traditional at Loughborough University that only students who graduate from a postgraduate programme wear hats. During the ceremony, both male and female graduands should carry their hats until they have crossed the stage and then put them on.

Academic gowns have an open front, so you should wear appropriately smart clothing under your academic dress. For comfort and practicality, it is recommended that you wear a button through top or shirt, which will enable you to attach the academic hood to your clothing without pins.


If a graduand is unable to attend their graduation ceremony, for whatever reason, Ede and Ravenscroft will refund their hire payment in full providing they receive your claim for refund SEVEN days before the date of the ceremony (telephone cancellations are NOT accepted).

Collecting/Returning Gowns

You are required to collect and return your Academic Dress at specific times of the day.

Colours of Academic Dress

Award Price (including discount)
Masters (PG) £51.00
PG Diplomas and Certificates £51.00
PhDs and Doctorates £58.00

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