Graduation 2016

Loughborough University London's graduation ceremony for the 2015-16 cohort of students will take place on Thursday December 15th at 11am. The ceremony will be held in the HereEast Theatre, adjacent to Loughborough University London.

Book to Attend here.

Before December 15th Checklist

□ Registration for attending the Graduation Ceremony has now closed. If you have not registered please contact immediately.

□ Make sure that your name is correctly listed on your invitation email, if not complete a change of name form and send to - ASAP

□ Book your academic dress - Please complete at least 2 weeks before the ceremony, you must wear the correct academic dress or you will not be able to graduate at the ceremony.

□ Book any photographs you would like - Up to to two days before the ceremony, however, you can also purchase photographs on the day.

□ Clear any outstanding University debt - you cannot graduate if you have a tuition fee debt owing to the university.

□ Please familiarise yourself with where the ceremony is taking place and plan your travel and accommodation for the ceremony - ASAP

□ Read the graduation information and frequently asked questions to make sure you know what's involved - Up to the day before

On the Day Checklist

□ Arrive in Stratford - Please aim to be at campus 2 hours prior to the ceremony start time.

□ Register with the Graduation Office in the campus building. You need to bring your e-tickets with you. When you register, you will be allocated a seat number. It is essential that you sit in this seat during the ceremony - Deadline TBC

□ Collect your academic dress from Ede and Ravenscroft who will be located at Loughborough University London from 8am - Deadline TBC

□ Have your photographs taken by Success Photography, the University's official photographers - Photographs can be taken either before or after the ceremony.

□ Make sure you are ready and seated in the HereEast Theatre before the ceremony is set to start - at the very latest 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

Please Note:

If you wish to attend your graduation ceremony, please respond as soon as possible, or your award will be automatically conferred in your absence and your certificate will be kept at the Student Office in the Rutland Building at the Loughborough campus until you make arrangements for collection or postage; please find more information here.

If your results are not released by 2 December 2016, your award will not be conferred at the December 2016 ceremony.



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