Enterprise through Learning

Enterprise through the Curriculum is all about learning. The programme offers you the opportunity to learn about working in a team, working with organisations, how to get the career you want and most of all it offers the chance to learn about you.

The Collaborative Project

The Collaborative Project module is studied by most students in Semester 1. For the duration of the module, you will work in a team with students from across our campus to solve a problem or objective put forward by a real organisation or company. The combination of different skills, experiences and expertise will enable you to explore innovative and creative solutions to a project brief, as well as discover new ways of thinking about and addressing problems.

The Collaborative Project offers a unique opportunity for you to experience real-life strategic planning, commercial awareness. For more information, visit The Collaborative Project page.

Employability Profiling

In addition to the Collaborative Project module, you will participate in a series of mock recruitment activities, which accurately reflect the style of assessments used by employers all over the world. On completion, you will receive personalised feedback on your performance and an action plan to maximise your employment potential over the coming months.

At the end of the academic year, you will repeat the same mock recruitment activities to determine how much your employability has improved after a year of guidance, training and support.

In-class development

Each master's programme has been carefully designed to prepare students for the career they want. Each module will provide you with diverse opportunities to develop your communication skills, deliver engaging presentations and work effectively in a team.

Influencers and creatives from a range of vibrant industries play a key role in the delivery of your programme, by delivering guest lectures, running workshops, offering site visits across London and supporting careers fairs and networking events.

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