Enterprise through the Curriculum underpins the majority of our programmes and empowers you to become the most employable graduate you possibly can be.


Enterprise through the Curriculum is our programme of events, workshops, experiences and talks that are interwoven into our curriculum to deliver real career benefits to our students and graduates.


Enterprise through the Curriculum is just one of the extra ways we help and support our students in addition to their academic studies. The aim is to help you stand out in terms of directing and developing your own career. It's advice and guidance, skill development, events and experiences, challenge, competition and (most of all) it’s about learning. It’s about all the things that will enhance your time with us, your CV and your future prospects.

Throughout the duration of your programme, you will take part in a wide range of opportunities that have been designed to enhance your personal and professional development and provide you with the best possible chance to direct the career you want whilst you study and once you graduate.

From mock recruitment tests to live group projects, from site visits to organisations, to evening networking events and work-based dissertation opportunities. You have the opportunity to be part of a comprehensive set of experiences, activities and support that deliver an unrivaled student experience and real value to our graduates.


Our students, our graduates and our alumni.


Enterprise through the Curriculum offers opportunities. Through a programme of events, experiences, learning activities and support, it can enable you to develop your skills, build a network and direct the career you want.

Enterprise through the Curriculum offers a programme split into four categories:

Together these categories provide you with a variety of opportunities to enhance your employability and widen your professional experiences. Want to know more? Click on the links above to discover your opportunities.

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