Graduation 2017

Graduation for 2016-17 students will take place on Thursday 14th December at 11am. The ceremony will be held in the HereEast Theatre, adjacent to Loughborough University London in the Press Centre.

Surviving #lborograd2017

On Thursday 14th December at 11am, nearly 400 of our students will attend graduation, and formally receive their certificates inside the Theatre at Here East. In our latest blog, we outline 10 tips to prepare graduands for their special day.

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Live Video

The graduation ceremony will be broadcast live on the day, and available on demand once the ceremony has finished.

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Preparing for graduation

Before you arrive at the Here East Theatre on the 14th December 2017, it is important that you have completed the following steps:

  • You should have received an email inviting you to graduation at the start of November
  • Make sure that your name is correctly listed on your invitation email. If your name is not presented correctly, you must complete a change of name form and send it to
  • Book your academic dress with Ede and Ravenscroft - you must complete the Ede and Ravenscroft booking form at least 2 weeks before the date of the ceremony

Please note: You must wear the correct academic dress or you will not be able to take part in the ceremony.

  • You can find out more about graduation photography options here. It is not necessary to pre-order your photographs or book a photography slot.  Instant proofs will be given to you in the studio when your photographs are taken, enabling you to select your favourites and place your order either at the sales desk or afterwards via the website or by post / telephone
  • Clear any outstanding University debt. You cannot take part in graduation if you have a tuition fee debt owing to the University
  • Familiarise yourself with the venue and arrange your accommodation and travel

Before the ceremony

8.30am – 10.30am

  • Register for the ceremony on the ground floor of the campus. You need to bring your e-tickets with you. When you register, you will be allocated a seat number. It is essential that you sit in this seat during the ceremony
  • Collect your academic dress from Ede and Ravenscroft, who will be located outside of the HereEast Theatre from 8.30am
  • If time permits, you may wish to have photographs taken by the University's official photographers, whose studios will be located outside of the HereEast Theatre
  • The HereEast Theatre will be open from 10.00am for graduands and guests to find their seats. Guests will not be allocated seats, but will be admitted to the hall upon production of a guest ticket
Please note: All graduands and their guests must be seated by 10.45am at the very latest.


  • The ceremony will begin promptly at 11am and will run for approximately 90 minutes

During the ceremony

  • The Academic Procession will enter the hall and take their seats on the stage
  • The Chancellor will then open the ceremony, and the Vice-Chancellor will address the audience
  • Graduands will then be ushered from their seats to the front of the hall in groups, where they will be asked to confirm their name and wait by the stairs leading onto the stage
  • When called by the Dean, each Graduand must approach the stage, shake hands with the Chancellor, then proceed to the other side of the stage
  • Graduands must collect their certificate from the Associate Dean before leaving the stage
  • Once each graduand has received their certificate, they must return to their seats immediately
  • During the ceremony, an Honorary Graduand may be presented with their award
  • Once every graduand has been presented to the audience, the Chancellor will formally confer all awards
  • The Academic Procession will then exit the hall, followed by the graduates
  • The guests must remain in the hall until the Academic Procession and all graduates have exited the room

After the ceremony

Before 3pm

  • All academic dress should be returned to Ede and Ravenscroft before 3pm at the latest. Ede and Ravenscroft will be located outside the HereEast Theatre until 3pm

Certificates and Transcripts

Collecting your certificate in person

If you are attending the graduation ceremony in person, your certificate will be presented to you as you leave the stage. The Diploma Supplement can be printed out to keep with your degree certificate and academic transcript. The Diploma Supplement describes your award in more detail and may be useful if asked for further information about your qualification.
If you are unable to attend the ceremony, you can collect your certificate from the London campus reception after 14th December. You must provide a valid form of identification when collecting your certificate.

Collecting a certificate on behalf of someone else

The Graduation Office will release certificates to third parties on the instruction of graduates. If you would like someone else to collect your certificate, you must email the Professional Services Team and give the full name of the person collecting the certificate on your behalf. The person collecting your certificate must provide a valid form of identification in order to be issued with the certificate.

Receiving your certificate by post

The London Professional Services Team can post your certificate and transcript via recorded delivery if you are unable to attend your graduation ceremony. If you would like your certificate and transcript to be posted to you after the ceremony, please arrange for postage via the online store. Please ensure that you select the London non-attendance postage fee within the London section of the product catalogue and not the Loughborough campus equivalent.  Postal charges are non refundable and £5 for UK addresses, £7.50 for Europe and £10 for the rest of the world. Certificates and transcripts will be posted at least six weeks after the date of the ceremony.
Graduands whose documents are being posted to the People’s Republic of China are encouraged to email the Professional Services Team with their full name and address in Chinese characters to assist with the delivery.

Duplicate certificates and transcripts

Graduates will receive one original certificate and an academic transcript free of charge. Additional certified copies of certificates and transcripts are available for a charge through the University's online store