Allen Xie

Allen Xie is aged 24, from China. Having graduated from Nottingham University, Allen is now studying in our Institute for Media and Creative Industries.

Why Loughborough University London?

Loughborough University London has got a good reputation and a high ranking amongst other UK Universities and there’s also great student satisfaction. The fact that it is a London University is great; it’s an interesting place to explore UK culture, and to find internship- especially within the creative industries. There are also premium sports facilities because of its location.

What are you enjoying most about the programme?

The collaborative project is practical, allowing us to work with different students from different institutions. The University provides employment service, as well as a Gradecore system.

What attracted you to the course?

The course is designed based on context and practice and the courses are taught by some excellent professors, some who come from the main campus.

What do you think of the building?

Personally I like this building, and it is what I expect and I know that many Chinese students also feel impressed by the new building. I appreciate what the university has done to improve the environment and I can understand what the number one university for student satisfaction means.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I want to work in the film industry in China. I dream of being an independent film maker so that I can explore China as well as global culture, whilst making use of video to communicate what I see to others.

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study at Loughborough University London?

LU London is in its early stage and you should seize this opportunity to engage with the resources that are provided. It has something very different about it in comparison with other universities that are already built and stable because it is so new. Students should take advantage of the time that they have in London, providing more opportunities than you could expect.

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