Enterprise Development

PhD opportunities

Students undertaking research with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to work with world-class researchers in the field and will gain first-hand experience of real-life problem solving.

As a PhD student with us, you will become part of the vibrant, interdisciplinary research community, and you will be encouraged to engage with other research communities across the globe.

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship currently supervises a wide range of projects, which correspond with the Institute’s key research themes:

Digital Innovation

  • Collaboration between organisations to create innovation from a social network perspective
  • Digital enterprise
  • Online entrepreneurial activity

Social Science and Enterprise

  • Entrepreneurial creativity and imagination
  • Gender intersectionality and entrepreneurship

Business Development

  • Entrepreneurship and family firms
  1. Innovation [how innovative across generations]

  2. Entrepreneurship [how entrepreneurial across generations]

  3. Governance in family firms [boards, trustees, and family councils]

  4. Family versus non-family relationships [harmony or conflict and the consequences]

  5. Leadership [how important is this compared to non-family firms]

  6. Decision making [antecedents and outcomes of long-term vs short-term decision making]

  7. Family firm goals [family-oriented vs non-family oriented goals]

  8. Family firm survival over time [family firms have been shown to survive longer than their non-family counterparts]

  9. The importance of context [cultural, political, legal, economic]

  • Management buy-outs in family owned companies
  • Adoption of technological innovation by small firms

PhD facilities and support

As a PhD student with us, you will have 24-hour access to our dedicated research hub, stunning library and fully-equipped kitchen facilities.

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PhD fees and funding

Studying for a PhD is a significant but incredibly rewarding investment for your career and for your future. Visit our fees and funding pages to find out whether you are eligible for financial support towards your studies.

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