Institute for Design Innovation

Our doctoral researchers

Yasemin Canik

Yasemin Canik is a PhD researcher focusing on the role of design in open innovation in the Institute for Design Innovation. Her PhD is fully funded by Loughborough University. To contribute to her PhD research, she is also working as a Design & Communication Strategist in a research institute that provides a partial sponsorship to her current research.
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Ekaterina Kotina

Ekaterina is a PhD candidate studying with the Institute for Design Innovation and is interested in effective strategic decision-making processes in companies.
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Federico Vaz Canosa

Federico's research interest is in the use of design in the public sector, more precisely on the use and role of design for public policy innovation.
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Jamie Sandhu

Jamie's research explores the utility of service design and co-design for enhancing engagement with systemic social change, in the context of community energy.
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Ruth Neubauer

Ruth's research within the Institute for Design Innovation has provided her with an opportunity to work on alternative ways of conceiving design practice.
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