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The doors are now open for organisations to be part of Loughborough University's exciting, new development.

Loughborough University London provides the unique opportunity to develop and showcase best practice of HE and industry partnerships, that help shape the curriculum and produce highly-employable, 'work-ready' graduates of the future.

Join us

Here are just some of the initiatives in which organisations can collaborate with us, and interact with our students. In addition to these options, we can also accommodate specific requests to develop bespoke activities, based on the needs of your organisation.

  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Project
  • Networking events
  • Guest lectures
  • Skills sessions
  • Site visits
  • Mentoring
  • Work shadowing
  • Volunteering
  • Placements/Internships

We are currently engaging with representatives from all sectors, to generate mutually beneficial collaborations and if you are interested in becoming a partner to benefit, engage and interact with our students, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Organisation-based Dissertation Projects and Internships

Loughborough University London students are now preparing to start their dissertations and we are looking for organisations to join us to deliver innovative and collaborative project topics for our students to engage with. Our students have a unique opportunity to choose to take their dissertation in one of three pathways:

1. A desk based project

Set by an academic member of staff, this project does not require any input from an outside organisation.

2. An organisation based project

The work-based project gives organisations the chance to identify a problem or project that they can set as a research topic for our student to resolve over a set period of time and be marked on for their dissertation thesis. An academic member of staff will work with you to shape your research topic to ensure that it is academically sound, that is focussed enough to give you the desired outcome, and that it is relevant for the student’s course.

This partnership provides many advantages, not least of which is a professional level investigation into a potentially complex research area free of charge. At the end of the dissertation project you can be presented with a full, in-depth report and/or final presentation given by the student into your research area.

3. An internship and organisation based project

The internships work a little differently in that they could last for a longer period of time (if the organisation chooses) and the student should gain real-world work experience. The student will also undertake a work-based project (as laid out above) for your company which they will spend time on during the remaining 2-3 days per week.

Again, the benefits are numerous but the key benefit to the organisation is that they get an inexpensive, motivated and engaged team-member who will take on challenging responsibilities and fixed-term projects which directly impact the success of their business. Organisations can also use this opportunity to see future talent in action and utilise the internship as an extended interview process.

If your organisation could benefit from engaging a professional, motivated and engaged student to solve a problem then please complete a registration of interest form and we will contact you to begin consultation.

Our graduates

The vision of our campus, along with the support of our external partners, ensures our graduates are prepared to succeed in their careers and benefit the wider economy.

Our students will not only have an undergraduate degree, and therefore a wealth of knowledge and transferable skills, but will also have a postgraduate degree gained from a top ranking, innovative and forward thinking institution. This will culminate in generating graduates with fundamental academic and highly-employable skills, and knowledge acquired during their educational journey.


To discuss any area in more detail, and/or to arrange a meeting, please contact Louise Donaghy, Head of Employer Engagement.

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