Loughborough University London

In 2012, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was home to the celebrated London Olympic and Paralympic Games. Now, the Park has been transformed into London's newest innovation quarter.

Outstanding Teaching and Research

A key feature of many of our programmes is the Collaborative Project module, where a cross section of students will address a real business or social problem provided by a genuine industry partner. Students will develop a relationship with an existing business, build real industry experience and gain knowledge of current issues facing their chosen sector.

Loughborough University London will continue Loughborough’s success as one of the country’s top research-led universities, bringing benefit to local and international communities through applied research and sociocultural, interdisciplinary thinking. Our efforts to collaborate with industry, as well as with multi-national corporations, governing bodies and regional and international organisations, will ensure that you have the tools to realise your ambitions and reach your full potential.

5 Inspiring Institutes, One Influential Academy

Our Institutes and the Academy offer in-demand skills, experiences and opportunities to widen your experiences and enhance your employability.

The Institute for Design Innovation

The Institute for Digital Technologies

The Glendonbrook Institute for Enterprise Development

The Institute for Sport Business

The Institute for Media and Creative Industries

The Academy for Diplomacy and International Governance

Innovative Postgraduate Study

Loughborough University has joined a host of forward-thinking organisations on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to bring together an emerging breed of innovators and digital makers through a creative mix of business, academia, technology and media. Together this powerful, new community will drive forward innovative thinking and lead the future of enterprise across London and beyond.

Loughborough University London specialises in world-class postgraduate teaching and research. Innovative teaching and experiential learning are at the core of our curriculum. Our programmes have been designed to offer in-demand skills, experiences and opportunities to boost your career and enhance your employability.

Enhancing your Discipline

Most students will take a module delivered by different institute, allowing you to acquire knowledge and skills that would not normally be attainable within your existing discipline. Introducing a new learning environment gives students the opportunity to apply current knowledge to a fresh subject or sector, promoting the value of innovative behaviour and stimulating interdisciplinary thinking.

Accelerating your Career

We offer a pioneering personal development scheme, which offers unrivalled opportunities for students to widen their professional skills, interact with potential employers and deepen their work-related experiences.

Enterprise Through the Curriculum is an intrinsic element of every postgraduate programme at Loughborough University London and has been carefully designed to give students the best possible chance of securing their dream role. From employability profiling to live group projects set by a business or organisation, and from site visits to organisation-based dissertation opportunities, Loughborough University London is the first of its kind to develop a suite of activities and support that is positioned as the underpinning of every student’s experience.

Our Facilities

Loughborough University London operates inside an 8,500 meter² collaborative learning space, providing state of the art equipment and materials to ensure research, teaching and creativity can thrive.

Our purpose-built lecture theatres and seminar rooms are fitted with the highest quality audio and visual equipment to ensure every student can enjoy a truly immersive and stimulating learning experience.

The campus offers a range of versatile workspaces to cater for independent study, group activities and collaborative project work.

We hold over 150 laptops for students to use on campus, including Apple MacBook Pros and Toshiba Portégé ultrabooks. High-powered CAD computers, a wide format printer and a cutting-edge 3D printer can be found in our Collaborative Project space and are free for students to use, with full training available if required.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Our series of scholarship and Bursaries recognise and reward academic excellence, entrepreneurial behaviour and a passion for the local community. We have range of scholarships, bursaries and support packages available for UK, EU and international students, including the Dean's Award for Enterprise which is worth 90% off the full cost of tuition fees for any full-time programme.

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