Dr Ben Corbett

Lecturer in Sport Business

Dr Ben Corbett

Dr Ben Corbett has over 15 years' experience working in the American sport industry prior to his career in Academia. Ben’s career and research have led him across five continents, and has enabled him to deliver teaching and lead research that is informed by industry knowledge and international insight.

Dr Ben Corbett spent 15 years working in the American sport industry prior to relocating to Australia for a PhD in strategic sport management. Ben’s employment and research has taken him across the world, and has enabled him to inject global experiences and industry insights into all aspects of his teaching and research with the Institute for Sport Business.

Ben has a keen interest in rugby, and played in the USA and Australia for 18 years, including 7 Sevens tours across the globe. Ben's PhD investigated the inclusion of rugby in the Olympic Games, and the impact this development had on a variety of nations across the world. This research led Ben to complete an official World Rugby study in 2015, which focused on Rugby Sevens' high performance training regimes. Now, Ben's research aims to uncover how national governing unions and their members can utilise the Rugby World Cup to increase involvement and participation in rugby.

Academic background

Ben completed a BSc in Health Sciences at Brigham Young University, Utah, before studying an MBA at Arizona State University, USA. Ben later completed his PhD at Griffith University in Australia and focused on the effects including of rugby at the Olympic Games had on the development of rugby sevens. Key themes identified and explored in Ben's research include centralisation, professionalisation, women's rugby growth and resource competition between 15s and 7s. Ben has had the opportunity to travel to Australia, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Russia, New Zealand and Ireland as part of his research.

During his time at Griffith University, Ben's teaching included topics such as Sport Facility Planning and Management, Sport Event Operations and Sport Information. Ben also tutored on Event Management, Event Evaluation and Assessment, Tourism Economics, Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Hospitality, Sport and Events and Strategy and Change: A Service Industry Approach. Whilst teaching at Griffith University, Ben supported research for Sports Policy Factors Leading to International Sporting Success (SPLISS), Griffith University's leveraging opportunities for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and Griffith University's Sport Strategy.

Current research and collaborations

Ben's current research focuses on rugby, and he has recently completed an official study for World Rugby, investigating Rugby Sevens' high performance training regimes.

Ben is currently fundraising for an action research project to enable strategic leverage of the Rugby World Cup to inspire, capture, and sustain involvement and participation in rugby. Project partners are yet to be finalised, but may include Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand University of Tsukuba, Japan World Rugby, Ireland (International Federation), Rugby Football Union England, New Zealand Rugby Union, Japan Rugby Football Union and Japan 2019 Rugby World Cup Organising Committee.

Interests and activities

Ben is a keen traveler and has visited 61 countries. Some of Ben's highlights include proposing on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, and seeing Mount Everest, the Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramids. Ben has also scored a try on 5 continents.

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