Amy Cripps-Mahajan

Senior Support Officer

Amy is currently working and managing the Student Services Desk, providing support for all students and ensuring Loughborough University London has the most efficient student support policies and procedures.

Amy studied at Loughborough University for her undergraduate degree in Geography. She then secured a job within the School of Business and Economics as part of the university's internship scheme as an International Relations Assistant. This role comprised of working within the International Relations Office, assisting with study abroad programmes and running a summer school for international students. She has been involved in the planning and running of a summer school for international students interested in studying international sports management. Amy was involved in many LSU activities including the societies and Action.

In her current role as Senior Support Officer Amy also manages our Student Ambassadors, provides administration assistance on several modules, monitors attendance and assists with registration and induction periods, alongside her work on the student support desk and student support activities.

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