Myanna Duncan

Myanna Duncan standing on a stage

Myanna Duncan works in higher education as a Research Fellow for King's College London.

What do you love most about your job?

I work in applied health research which offers me the opportunity to translate emerging theory into practice to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. It is a great privilege to work with both academically gifted and clinically excellent individuals who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of health sciences.

Why did you want to study a postgraduate programme at Loughborough University?

Following completing my MSc in Occupational Psychology, I had a thirst for further research and study. I was very fortunate that one of the Lecturers on my MSc course, the wonderful Professor Cheryl Haslam, had subsequently moved to Loughborough and invited me to attend an open day. Following learning about Loughborough’s fantastic facilities and experiencing the warmth of the campus, I was delighted to accept a place onto the doctoral study programme.

How has your qualification helped you in your career?

Completing my PhD was essential to my progress along the academic pathway. During my doctoral studies I acquired the skills and tools to become a research scientist. I am now able to selectively apply what I learnt during my studies to any project that I undertake. Naturally, I am still learning and acquiring new skills as a progress further in my career, but my studies provided me with a fundamental research base from which to develop.

What did you find the most challenging aspect of your studies?

Being an extrovert, I found the solo aspect of my doctoral studies quite challenging. Doing a PhD you really have to be very focused, driven and self-motivated as it’s a long hard slog. I was fine with the hard work side of things, but not having a team of people around me all the time, like you would do with colleagues was quite hard.

What do you like most about living in London now that you work in the capital?

Everything! London truly is one of the best cities in the world. I love how there is something for everyone and amazing things to do any time of day or night. The arts and music scene is really quite incredible. For example, after work I can just pop across to The National Theatre or The Young Vic (theatre) and catch an amazing performance for £10. It really is like having the world at your doorstep.

What is your favourite London spot and why?

It has to be The Mayor of Scardey Cat Town near Liverpool Street. It’s a hush-hush speakeasy bar which does the most incredible cocktails. The mixologists there are seriously talented and lovely people. You also have to go through a secret entrance and know the secret words to get in: it really is like stepping into Narnia!

How has Loughborough University inspired you?

I think the people at Loughborough University inspired me most. During my time there, I got to work with some truly wonderful people who helped and supported me along my career path. Being surrounded by driven yet kind people instilled in me good work and life principles which I will take forward as I continue on life’s journey.