Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma is an entrepreneur, her company Adisha Designs is a one stop solution for all design needs with a Pan India presence.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

Besides being one of the most beautiful campuses in UK, Loughborough University clearly stood out for me, mainly because of their intensive study material and course outreach in a short span of just one year, with modern technologies like Rapid Prototyping being available on campus. I was also very impressed with the profile of the teaching faculty and the facilities available for foreign students such as the Accommodation, Extra-Curricular activities, International Meet events etc. When my parents and I got an opportunity of meeting with the representatives of the University at the Education Fair (Ms. Katharine Green) held at New Delhi, we were captivated with her friendly and cooperative nature which convinced my parents that I would be in safe hands. Being offered an International Scholarship was of course the cherry on top.

How has your qualification from Loughborough helped you in your career?

As I progressed through Masters, my understanding of the needs of the society broadened from an individualistic point of view to an Inclusive one. It helped me become a ‘Universal and Responsible’ Designer. From purely an academic point of view it took me way ahead of my Undergraduate classmates as well. This course prepared me for designing both for an exclusively few as well as for masses. It taught me how to be strong, sincere and determined, when faced with difficult situations, developing me into an International citizen. I started to believe, that ‘Thoughts can become Reality’, when my Masters Project, QB Cook Kitchen, designed for compact spaces, got rave reviews. All this learning gave me the strength to be an entrepreneur and to start my own company Adisha Designs. Today, I not only advocate but also lead the way with Good/Green/Inclusive/Sustainable/Affordable design practices with Adisha Designs.

Who are you working for now?

Being an entrepreneur, as fun ‘working for me’ may sound; the responsibility has multiplied many folds. Starting Adisha Designs soon after completing my masters and returning to India has been one of the most serious turns of my life. At Adisha Designs, we are misfits, believers and doers. We are quickly becoming that leader in the design scene who thinks out of the box keeping User at the centre of its conceptualization. We are a creative force to reckon with, working towards building a world, making it better, to changing it and to making it our own. Adisha Designs gives people something new with every project, being a one stop solution for all design needs with a Pan India presence, our clients varying from the Government, Semi Government, Corporate and Cooperative sector, providing them solutions in the fields of Branding, Interiors and Products. In fact, our designed and manufactured mementoes have been distributed in International/National conferences presided by successive Presidents of India.

We are also now focusing on product development and are very excited with our upcoming exquisite, completely green lighting collection, called ADISHA LIGHTS that will change how people look at lights! To give them an experience, an art piece and a story, all weaved into one. These products are also providing sustenance to the very talented artisans who are vanishing quickly due to lack of exposure and opportunities.

How did you get to this position?

I started my own company ‘ADISHA DESIGNS’ almost immediately after returning from UK. Prior to this during my stay and as a part of a project, I also volunteered with British Heart Foundation and designed donation and health campaigns for them. I was also chosen to be a part of ‘The Bigger Idea Group’, UK, and worked on many interesting design briefs for Clients such as Sony, Anthony Nolan, GOSH etc. Before UK happened, I was working as a Product Designer with one of the principal Stainless Steel Giants in India, The Jindal Group, and happened to design many stimulating products in the fields of Urban Infrastructure and Household sector, especially for the commonwealth games. I also interned with some high profile Export and Design houses before joining the Jindal Group.

What do you love the most about your job?

Design is like breathing to me, and I am one of the lucky few whose vocation is her job! The passion and creativity, which comes to fore in meeting the new challenges offered by my clients having varied needs, aspirations and expectations, drives me and my team to work nonstop for days! And after having met the targets and the design needs of the Clients, the satisfied look on their faces makes it worth all the hard work.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Becoming a World leader in Design! I want to help design become inclusive and sustainable and also within the reach of all household/individuals sans any kind of discrimination/prejudices of caste/colour/creed/affluence. Through my NGO, SADITI, a brainchild of Adisha Designs, I also want to sustain the perishing Indian artisans and take their art in the package of my Good design thinking, and launch it on a global platform.

If you could go back in time before you came to Loughborough, what advice would you give yourself?

I wish I could have pursued my Under-Graduation program at Loughborough and added 4 more years to my fantastic memories at Loughborough.

How has Loughborough University inspired you?

I went through a continuous process of positive development throughout my tenure at the Loughborough. Each day taught me something new, be it in terms of knowledge and skills, viewing things in a different perspective and from others point of view. I not only enhanced my knowledge but more importantly- understanding; which helped me grow as a Designer as well as a better person. I made friends from all parts of the world, who were family back then! The international exposure at Loughborough made me appreciate the universality of human race as also its design needs. With teary eyes, when I bid farewell to Loughborough, I always knew that it would always be a home away from home.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks to Loughborough, I get to listen to so many fascinating stories, as the Secretary of the Loughborough Alumni India Chapter. I have met so many graduates from Loughborough, including those who graduated as far back as the 1950's!

As I have already said, my design work feeds on the positive feedback and support of friends, family and colleagues. I would really love to connect with other Loughborough graduates or other associates, and collaborate on Global design projects. You can visit my design page on Facebook, LinkedIn or via the website. I welcome any opportunity for me to contribute towards making this world a better place. Think of me and my design work through ADISHA as the goodness within you, the kindness in your heart and the smile on your face as you are reading this.

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