Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang's PhD focuses on the impact of private equity placement on firms' performance in China.

Yi Zhang is currently a PhD student with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and is under the supervision of Professor Wilfred Dolfsma and Dr Anna Grosman.

Yi Zhang completed his first degree with the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in China, before completing a master's in Banking and Finance from Queen Mary University in 2015. Yi Zhangbegan her PhD with the Instutite for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2016.

PhD research description

Yi Zhang's research is inspired by the phenomenon that Private Equity Placement has become a significant mix of internal and external equity refinancing resource for Chinese publicly-traded firms over the last decade. On the basis of studies done before, Yi Zhang considers an empirical study from a particular point of view, for example, a combination finance and governance.
Yi Zhang is in her first year of PhD study, and has a focused on the correlation between private equity placement and firms` value in China, covering ownership concentration, governance management, knowledge-resources and innovation. Yi Zhang's research can be categorised into three sections. The first section focuses on how ownership changes via private equity placement impact changes in firm value, and how the role of CEO moderate the influence. The second section covers the relationship between investors' identity and firms' innovative performance. The third section concentrates on firms' variation in performance caused by differences between capital investment and assets investment via private equity placement.
Yi Zhang is affiliated with several academic societies: The Academy of Management, The Strategic Management Society, Entrepreneurship, Business Policy Strategy and Technology Innovation Management Divisions of the Academy of Management.

PhD supervisors

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